Сomparative Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives and comparatives in modern English. Grammatical overview of English Adjectives. Forms of comparative. The syntax and the semantics of Clausal Comparatives. Lexical and morphological ways of expressing comparative Adjectives and Adverbs.

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  • Similarities of adjectives in Old English and Proto-Indo-European. The Old English affixation for adjectives. The essence of "suppletive" in linguistics. Essential materials about the Old English affixation for adjectives. Strong and weak adjectives.

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  • The definition of term "adjective" and the characteristic of adjectives from grammatical point of view. The role of adjectives in English language. The ways of translation of english adjectives into russian. Reflecting modern trends in linguistics.

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  • The grammatical structure and the morphological types of a language. The function of morphemes. Notional and functional parts of speech. The number and case in modern English nouns. The degrees of comparison of adjectives. Regular and irregular verbs.

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  • Adaptation of lexical units on the examples of adjectives in the process of language communication. Cultural and linguistic pictures of the world. The necessity to study the culture of nation through the English. Semantic peculiarities of language.

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  • English textbook for grade 7. Topics for study: "The World teenagers' competition", "School education", "Sport is fun". Verb tenses. Verb s followed by the -ing form or by to. Viparison of adjectives and adverbs. List of personal and geographical names.

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  • The system of adjectives on the designation of a person's portrait of a person in modern Ukrainian is considered. The specificity of synonymous and antonym relations of adjectives of the macrofield "Portrait characterization of a person" is analyzed.

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  • The division of the adjectives that used in tile text presupposes relation to some noun the property of whose referent it denotes, such as its material, colour, dimensions, position. Predicative and substantivized adjectives. The category of comparison.

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  • The distribution of adverbs in English. Their placement relative to auxiliaries and verbs. The practicable syntax in an framework to predict correct distribution and ordering restrictions for predicational adverbs. Finite Verbs and Auxiliary Interactions.

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  • An adjective phrase is a group of words headed by an adjective that describes a noun. Adjectives are specific of word-building and expresses the categorical meaning of property of a subject. Subclasses, predicative, relative and types of adjectives.

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  • The theoretical and practical value of english lexicology. The connection of lexicology with phonetics, stylistics, grammar. Substantivization of adjectives, criteria of semantic derivation. Syntactical classification of phraseological units, antonyms.

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