Main lexical and grammatical divergences of the British and American variants

Written and spoken forms of British and American English. Main lexical and grammatical divergences. The differences in lexis or vocabulary between British and American English. Words and phrases with different meanings. Social and cultural differences.

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  • Studying of an English lexicology. The aim of the course is to teach students to be word-conscious, to be able to guess the meaning of words they come across from the meanings of morphemes, to be able to recognise the origin of this or that lexical unit.

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  • The purpose and scope of use of various styles, their relationship and the main differences, syntactic and lexical features. General characteristics and forms of publicistic, newspaper, public speaking, styles of essays, political and literary articles.

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  • Mapping the lexical structure of simple and complex linguistic units, which is a grammatical connection of words having a semantic completeness. The linguistic essence of the composite syntactic units. The classification of the subordinate clauses.

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  • General characteristic of the verb. The main functions of infinitive and gerund construction in a sentence. Consideration of the most complex grammatical word classes in English. The differences between infinitive and gerund, formation and usage.

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  • Theory of English grammar. Morphology and syntax. Means of form-building. Synthetic and analytical forms. Structure of words. Method of opposition (A.I. Smirnitsky). Parts of speech as lexico-grammatical classes of words. The category of representation.

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  • Analyse the phonology and history of American Standard pronunciation. Show differences between pronunciation of different regions of America and compare them with each other. Consideration the General and local accent. Study of phonetics and intonation.

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  • Description of the stylistic strata of the English vocabulary. Interrelation between the basic vocabulary and the stylistically marked (formal and informal) lexis. Words of the formal and informal styles. Professional terminology in modern English.

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  • Search for lexical and grammatical equivalents in two languages. Translation as a communicative process taking place in a social context. Negotiations on the meaning between producers and recipients of the text. Analysis of how to use sentences.

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  • Literary translation as a specific coding-encoding process. Philological analysis of linguistic difficulties in translation of specifically English grammatical forms and constructions. The types of lexical transformations or contextual substitutions.

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  • Adjectives and comparatives in modern English. Grammatical overview of English Adjectives. Forms of comparative. The syntax and the semantics of Clausal Comparatives. Lexical and morphological ways of expressing comparative Adjectives and Adverbs.

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