Philosophical practice as experience and travel

Аnalysis of the concepts of philosophical practice, united by their common application and the convergence of the analytical, conceptual and discursive. The connection between the philosophical content and the applied aspect of philosophical practice.

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  • Variability - an insufficient condition for determining the unreliability of any disputant's intuition in relation to the philosophical theory being tested. Specific features of using one’s own intuitions in cases of unconfirmed epistemic peerhood.

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  • The theory of rational choice. The most common philosophical interpretation of rational-choice theory conceives of it as a psychological theory. The formal of mathematical properties of the agent's preferences. Psychological explanations of phenomena.

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  • Development of examples in support of philosophical positions, the value of a reference point for a "random stranger". Analysis of the use of examples in the controversy about the substantiation of evidence between reductionists and anti-reductivists.

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  • Analysis of the problem of subjectivity in the context of the dialectic of value and normativeness in modern philosophical discourse. Consideration of the peculiarities of the influence of value and normative on the process of formation of subjectivity.

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  • The analysis of discourses about the concept of the body, the lack of its philosophical comprehension, the disadvantages of conceptualization and insignificant methodological confidence. The images of super-waves and superman, which implements mass media.

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  • Аnalyze the current transgressive state of postcolonial practices in view of the concept of European identity and its functions in the implementation of international politics. Ideas of European values, historical, cultural, philosophical and ideological.

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  • Сharacterization of the film "Matrix" from a philosophical and Christian point of view. Exploring the specifics of the matrix as the horror of a false world created only from our sensations. Viewing the film as a dream driven by malevolent forces.

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  • Analysis of noogenesis from the point of view of philosophical traditions, which are much richer than the history of scientific knowledge about the psychology of meanings. The essence of being Dasein psyche in the meaning of "the soul of a philosopher."

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  • Study of the basic postulates of the theory of cosmic inflation and deanthropomorphism. Search for ways to solve long-standing philosophical and logical riddles associated with the anthropic principle. Using Occam's Razor to Explore the Multiverse.

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  • Philosophical justification of human rights. Jacques Maritain - the founder of the French philosophical movement known as personalism. Consideration of the concepts of integral humanism. The intellectual heritage of V. Soloviev and Russian neo-idealism.

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