Philosophical practice as experience and travel

Аnalysis of the concepts of philosophical practice, united by their common application and the convergence of the analytical, conceptual and discursive. The connection between the philosophical content and the applied aspect of philosophical practice.

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  • Situational variables - the various features of the environment that were created for the participants of the experiment. Comparative characteristic of the phenomenon of independent objects in mathematical theory and in socio-philosophical research.

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  • Socratic dialogue as a genre of Ancient philosophical literature, represented by the so-called Socratics. Original affinity of the kairos with art of weaving, which is considered as paradigm of the art of interweaving of logoi and dramatic composition.

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  • The physical picture of the world - one of the factors that reveal the principle of creativity in the processes of self-organization and self-development of matter. The problem of creativity in the philosophical reflection on a person-world relations.

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  • An anti-exceptionalist view of philosophical methodology, on which it is much closer to the methodology of other disciplines than many philosophers like to think. Non-armchair methods as increasingly rare. "Empirical" methodology of the natural science.

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  • Nature of cogitative processes of man, their essence and philosophical value. A study of properties of human consciousness and mind, their value, is in creative activity. Reflections of man as philosophical category and basic problem of contemporaneity.

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  • The construction of Leibniz's work in the form of philosophical dialogue. The question of the innate nature of human morality. Sensual-symbolic, contemplative and intuitive aspects and forms of knowledge. The concept of logical and epistemological ideal.

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  • Philosophical discussions about the nature of humanitarian knowledge and the ways in which one can study the inner reality of man as the theoretical background for the formation of the Jaspers' concept. A self-consciousness like a mental process.

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  • The controversy between the "orthodox" Indian philosophical school of Vaiseshika and the Buddhist philosopher Vasubandhu about the existence of the subject ("atman") as a reality. Search for internal contradictions in the arguments of opponents.

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  • Policy research as the main form of state-building activity. Justification of politics and political activity of statesmen on the basis of philosophical reinterpretation of dialectics. Characteristics of moral values that produce a philosophy of politics.

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  • The study is aimed at a philosophical analysis of the state of humanity’s readiness for technological singularity, the definition of the concept of postbiology and the investigation of ways to bring the population (in particular, the Ukrainian one).

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