Philosophical practice as experience and travel

Аnalysis of the concepts of philosophical practice, united by their common application and the convergence of the analytical, conceptual and discursive. The connection between the philosophical content and the applied aspect of philosophical practice.

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  • The controversy between the "orthodox" Indian philosophical school of Vaiseshika and the Buddhist philosopher Vasubandhu about the existence of the subject ("atman") as a reality. Search for internal contradictions in the arguments of opponents.

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  • Policy research as the main form of state-building activity. Justification of politics and political activity of statesmen on the basis of philosophical reinterpretation of dialectics. Characteristics of moral values that produce a philosophy of politics.

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  • The study is aimed at a philosophical analysis of the state of humanity’s readiness for technological singularity, the definition of the concept of postbiology and the investigation of ways to bring the population (in particular, the Ukrainian one).

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  • Characteristic of the development of the postmodern philosophical anthropology under the direct influence of psychoanalytical approach. Consideration of the problem of "excessive violence" caused, according to many thinkers, by libidinal impulses.

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  • The culturological twist in modern science and practical activities implies the clarification of the essence of culture. Turning to the history of the philosophical thought, it is possible to trace the transformation of the understanding of culture.

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  • Description on the cyclical nature of being accompany philosophical thought from the moment of its formation. A complex long-term process aimed at the formation of the state, which includes cultural, political, mythological, religious and other factors.

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  • Philosophical reflections of the German philosopher, musicologist and composer. Adorno Theodor W. and his contribution to aesthetics of modernism. Philosophical conception of "new music", objecting against returning to the classic alternative of art.

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  • Consideration of the main stages of development of utopia as a philosophical idea, expressed in literary works. Research and characterization of specific features of a retrospective, prospective utopia and utopia that exists in an indefinite time.

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  • The hypothesis that there are significant differences in philosophical intuitions among representatives of different demographic groups. Verification of its provisions empirically in experimental philosophy. The main consequences of the observed trend.

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  • The collapse of anthropological ambushes, the crisis of spirituality is the main global problem of the modern world. Obstructing the ability to understand the «heart» as a concept of philosophical discourse for analyzing the problems of spirituality.

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