Main characteristics of the situational method for teaching of foreign language

Acquaintance with the characteristics and features of the situational method of teaching a foreign language. Situational method as one of the most effective methods of teaching a foreign language. Analysis of the current state of education in Ukraine.

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  • The role of the teacher to enrich the vocabulary of students. Consideration of ways to learning a foreign language in the modern school. Main terms of teaching vocabulary, allowing the maximum to activate the work of students in learning new words.

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  • The issue of boosting oral competency in EFL classrooms based on the creative content which comes from the teacher and learner. Student-centred and task-led communicative approaches. Creativity an utmost role in teaching and learning a foreign language.

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  • The role of technology in the field of English language teaching. The benefits of using technologies for English language teaching. The characteristics of the problems that teachers and university may face when integrating technology into their practices.

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  • Investigating and generalizing theoretical grounds of applying case-study in the teaching process. Determination of the principles of creating good, quality cases, recommendations for organizing work during practical lessons with the use of cases.

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  • The analysis how business students can achieve communication skills, namely listening and speaking, through computer-based interactive simulations. Today’s foreign language teaching. Methods using computer applications and multimedia environments.

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  • Historical background of CLT. Major characteristics of the communicative approach. Theory of language, of learning. Objectives, the syllabus. Types of learning and teaching activities. Learner and teacher roles and the role of instructional materials.

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  • The study of the advantages of the introduction of technology projects in modern universities as an effective means of motivating students to learn a foreign language, reveal their intellectual and creative potential, the development of speech skills.

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  • Analysis of the role of a foreign language (FL) in preparing students for professional applications. Meaning FL and the problem of the education system. Requirements for professional possession FL as a condition for successful international cooperation.

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  • Determination of methods of motivation of students for a foreign language lesson. The creative potential of the student as a tool of motivation. Development of creativity in foreign language lessons at elementary, intermediate and advanced level.

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  • Highlighting the principal concepts of using effective technologies of learning English. The importance of correct application of information communication technologies in teaching a foreign language and various factors which accompany that process.

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