Ultras are a type of sports fan

Ultras as a preferential followers of football teams association, typically in North Africa and Europe. The use of elaborate displays and the displaying of banners at stadiums. Analysis of the formation of groups of supporters, the nature and Hajduk.

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  • Association football is one of the most popular games in the British Isles. In summer the English national sport is cricket. Golf is Scotland's chief contribution to British sport. Walking, swimming, billiards, pool and darts are the most popular sports.

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  • A feature of the study of the history of the emergence of football. Development and publication of the rules of the game. Review of scientific and theoretical approaches to football violence in Europe. Characteristics of hooliganism between gamblers.

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  • This is Soccer. British Soccer History. The History of Soccer Shoes. Association Rules. Inetrnational Football. Development of Soccer Boots. Marketing, improvement of safety, work, materials. Nottingemshirsky County as the first professional command.

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  • Football or soccer as one of the most popular games in the British Isles. Places in Britain associated with a particular kind of sport. Squash as one of the fastest games in the world. The most famous boat-race in England is between Oxford and Cambridge.

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  • Content of the term "football vocabulary". Taxonomy of football nominations in a special purpose language. System organization of the vocabulary segment through the implementation of paradigmatic relationships. Terminologized commonly used lexical units.

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  • The study of the psychological foundations affecting the formation of a person's idea of his own body. Analysis of the content of the I-Physics of professional athletes in connection with their peculiarities of self-control and personal characteristics.

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  • The history of sports in Great Britain. The national British sports like football, golf, cricket, tennis, racing. The golf clubs in the United Kingdom and famous courses. Two popular types of horseracing in Great Britain: flat racing and jump racing.

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  • Decisive components of Mediterranean security in the north-south and south-north direction. The perverse effect of mirroring western public perceptions and radical Islamists defend policies. Nato’s strategic concept. The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

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  • Моделирование гештальтной структуры концептов, стоящих за словосочетаниями Old Europe и New Europe в американских публицистических текстах. Частотность языковых репрезентаций (рекуррентность) концепта в речи. Персонификация Старой и Новой Европы.

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  • The role of the Reformation in the formation of a new European outlook. Feature is only the revival of the past of Christianity in its prime purity, which led to profound changes in society. Analysis of the beginning of the reform movement in Europe.

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