Organizational and methodical approaches to disclosure of income distribution in integrated reporting

Introduction to the algorithm of distribution of net profit depending on the strategies of enterprise development. Stages of Integrated Reporting Audit Methodology Development. Characteristics of information requests of users of integrated reporting.

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  • The consignment note is the document for the cargo delivery calculation and provided services accounting. Analysis of operational processes related to the freight motor transport services. The introduction of electronic document on transport companies.

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  • Information preparation for adoption of operational and expected administrative decisions. The current management of the expenses in order to achieve the planned economic benefits in ordinary activities. Functions and tasks of managerial accounting.

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  • A study of the mainstreaming of the accounting principles based on the strategic concept of enterprise management, their affinity and specificity relative to accounting principles. Requirements, conditions, construction rules of management accounting.

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  • Characteristics of changes in the legislation of Poland in the field of accounting for the twenty years. Conditions for conducting business activities at enterprises. Analysis of changes in conduct of financial transactions in international regulations.

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  • The differences between financial accounting and management accounting. Discussing the positive and negative aspects for each type of account. The importance of doing competent accounting information for making effective financial management decisions.

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  • The characteristics of the most important methods of estimation in the financial statements. Analysis of the views of different authors on the types of measurements and their classification. The concept of initial (historical), current (replacement) cost.

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  • Considers the problems related to the choice of a method for calculating the deferred taxes and their estimation. Formation of qualitative information in financial statements and establish the interrelation between accounting and taxation is grounded.

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