State policy for training the population for protective actions during disastrous situations

The key legislation in Bulgaria concerning the general population’s preparation and training for reaction in cases of emergency. The main institutions in the country, which are responsible for or connected with the state policy for civil protection.

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  • Influence of harmful habits on human health. Diseases of the skin, heart and lungs as a result of smoking and alcohol consumption. The main causes of obesity, the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise in the fresh air. Application features diet.

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  • Basic nutritional preferences of today's youth. There are many reasons for the popularity of fast food. The change in lifestyle people. Serious health and social effects. The main implications of nutrition fast food for health. The threat of obesity.

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  • Collapse of Soviet Union. Foundation of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The main forms of cooperation, objectives of the collaboration, duties and functions of the states – members of SCO in a fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism.

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  • Classification of firearms. Legal grounds for the use of firearms by law enforcement. Legal framework for the application of physical restraint, special means and firearms. The main approaches to protect the personal safety of law enforcement personnel.

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