State policy for training the population for protective actions during disastrous situations

The key legislation in Bulgaria concerning the general population’s preparation and training for reaction in cases of emergency. The main institutions in the country, which are responsible for or connected with the state policy for civil protection.

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  • The relevance of measures to ensure public safety, law and order and the safety of the environment. The presence of various kinds of threats to the entire habitat of the population. Efficiency of the offices responsible for the protection of legal order.

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  • Environmental problem - one of the main constraints on the increase of air transport in the 21-st century. Specific features of the implementation of the state policy in the area of governance, the fight against air pollution, reduce aircraft noise.

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  • Effect of health on labour force participation. The relationship between health and labour force participation of the Russian population. Positive influence health lag proved on labour force participation. Effect of labour force participation on health.

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  • Basic classification of respiratory protection, as well as advice to the selection filters. Studied properties of materials that are used in the manufacture of filters for the protection of the human respiratory, depending on the mode of exploitation.

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  • Within the past two years, substantial media attention has been often directed at potential adverse health effects of long-term computer use. Distribution of carpal tunneling syndrome. Prevention of illness. Quick and universally agreed upon precautions.

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  • Planning financing of labor protection. Distribution functions of the objectives of SUOP between structural units and services company. Kinds of electromagnetic radiation over a frequency spectrum. Effects of radio frequency electromagnetic fields.

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  • The health risks connected to smoking: lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema. Ways to give up of smoking (chewing gum that releases nicotine and patches). The main reasons why people start using drugs and drinking alcohol. Categories of drugs.

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  • The definition of flooding. Characteristics of its main causes: rain, melting snow, wind setting the water on the coast, increasing water levels in the river. The history of flooding of the States in America. The government's actions in case of flooding.

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  • Earthquake as a result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves. The seismicity and seismic activity of an area. The disastrous effects and classification of earthquakes in various places. Signs of close earthquakes.

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  • Analysis of the study of disaster management and their consequences. Classification of deficiencies in the disaster management in the European Union. The formation of a new culture of safety in the world, given the situations leading to social crises.

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