Diffusion Maps - a Probabilistic Interpretation for Spectral Embedding and Clustering Algorithms

Spectral embedding and spectral clustering as common methods for non-linear dimensionality reduction and clustering of complex high dimensional datasets. Asymptotics of the diffusion distances and diffusion maps. Clustering of a mixture of gaussians.

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  • The value of cluster analysis to explain a number of phenomena. Consideration clustering algorithms computational intelligence, particularly based on neural networks and kernel-based learning. Review their application to five's real world problems.

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  • Clustering algorithms for very large database used in image processing and video. Search for groups (classes, clusters, segments) of the objects surveyed in the analyzed information arrays. Multidimensional vectors forming a traditional data table.

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  • On relevance of technical analysis. Pattern recognition. Technical indicators. Data processing. Feature extraction. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Algorithm and software. Model configuration. Clustering performance on simulated data, brutе force algorithm.

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  • Criteria for optimally discretizing measurable sets in Euclidean space. General notion of extremal equivalent energy. Using the diffusion metric to learn via normalized graph Laplacian dimension reduction and the discepancy is used to discretize.

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  • Random generators for cryptographic applications. Evaluation criteria for the principle design. Multiplication in binary extension fields. Time simulations and spectral algorithms. Limits on the maximum clock frequency of pipelined architectures.

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  • A novel family of data-driven linear transformations, aimed at finding low dimensional embeddings of multivariate data, in a way that optimally preserves the structure of the data. The PCA and Fisher’s LDA are the special members in this transformation.

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  • Development and implementation of new technologies in banking services. The ability to improve the existing anti-fraud model used in real banking practice. Clusters and their impact on the assessment of the existing anti-fraud model. Data Chart Analysis.

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  • Метод передачи информации в виде объектов между 16-разрядными приложениями, основанный на модели Object Linking and Embedding (OLE). Автоматизированное управление командами прикладной программы из другой программы. Запросы для получения информации.

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  • Methods for improving the efficiency of the solution of large dimensional linear programming tasks based on application of parallel data processing technology – CUDA. The specific features and algorithmic peculiarities of implementing of the program.

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  • The dimension reduction as a way to overcome the errors of the measurement when dealing with vector data in high-dimensional spaces and as a modelling tool of map. A techniques for dimension. The implementation of neural's networks for these techniques.

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