Global warming

Natural and anthropogenic causing of global warming. Increased greenhouse effect due to human activity. Analysis of changes in various systems because of reasons due to global warming. Assessing the impact of global warming in world development.

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  • Descriptions of non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over 42 countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam. Analyze Greenpeace activities such as global warming, deforestation, overfishing and nuclear power.

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  • The organic approach to crop cultivation. Influence of rising food production with conventional or intensive methods on the environment. Soil degradation, water contamination, global warming and malnutrition is result of industrial agriculture methods.

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  • Global climate change is one of the problems facing the whole of humanity today. The impact of EU policy instruments for the implementation of the European Climate Change Program. Package of political measures, regarding the reducing of greenhouse gas.

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  • The Arctic - a critically important component of the earth system, affecting the energy balance, atmospheric, ocean circulation. The feedback mechanism between the Arctic surface and the climate system - a factor contributing to the warming effect.

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  • Major global environmental issues. Analysis of increasing the degree of domestic comfort in modern technological civilization, the rapid deterioration of the ecological situation in the world. Catastrophic consequences of man-made pollution of nature.

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  • An overview of the complex global issues related to environmental health. Methods of efficient use and recovery of resources through waste minimization. The role of recycling in municipal and industrial levels for the preservation of urban ecology.

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  • Characteristics of the main anthropogenic factors of environmental pollution. Analysis of the impact of industrial pollution on the atmosphere. The study of the problem of deforestation. Analysis of measures to create a system of ecological security.

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  • Features human impact of environmental regulation environment. Sanitary, environmental, scientific, technical standardization in the field of environment and natural resources. Object recognition valuation assessment of human impact on the environment.

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  • The dramatic limitation of agricultural activity in the exclusion zone and zone of compulsory resettlement and reduction of anthropogenic impact in many times. The problem of natural autochthonous biota conservation on technologically disturbed areas.

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  • Development based on the definition of environmental risk as integral criterion in assessing the anthropogenic load of the industrial facility at a certain stage of design. Features of calculation of environmental risk based on the method "index-risk".

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