On the early history of "Ontology"

Philosophy of Wolf - philosopher, representative of rationalism and popularizer of systematists ideas of Leibniz. Ontology as the science of the first ground of things and of human knowledge. Consideration in the ontology concept of being and knowing.

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  • Heidegger made the distinction between ontical and ontological. The history of ontology in in Heidegger's terms is ontical, and ontology ought to designate fundamental ontology. It is from this distinction he developed his project of fundamental ontology.

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  • Advantages of the ontology of the life process in relation to the category of organisms, taking into account temporal stability in a series of changes in the procedural flow. Study of some consequences of process ontology for biology and philosophy.

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  • Transformations of meaning of expressions such as "object", "application", "real" under the influence of an evolution of the thought of Wittgenstein going from a quasi-ontology of the objects like entities-poles of the facts, to a philosophy of grammar.

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  • Features of meaningful transformations of the concept of "existential", which was born within the limits of the existential-phenomenological ontology of M. Heidegger. Analysis of ways of fixing meaningful transformations of the concept of "existential".

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  • Features of the solution of the ontology of possible worlds for the semantics of possible worlds as an instrument of modern logic. Establishing the truth/falsity of judgment, for a particular possible world. Instrumentally unsuitable worlds for research.

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  • The ontology of unity as the element of Deleuze's metaphysics of difference, considered by the author in the context of the movement of philosophical cosmology of the 20th century. Creation of his own theory of the world-nature or ontology of uniqueness.

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  • Review of the book by Bernard Kastrup, a specialist in the field of philosophy of mind. Contrasting the author's vision of the world with the existing ideas of the worldview. Consideration of the universal mind as the only fundamental essence of nature.

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  • The Philosophical Turning from the Original Infinitude to the Constituent Finitude Has the Problem of World. A rediscovery of the Heraditean Original Intuition of the World. Deleuze’s Heraclito-Spinozean Reconstruction of the Ontology of Univocity.

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  • Analysis of the Hungarian dissertation of I. Lakatos on the historical sociology of science, his ideas on the philosophy of science. Development of a general sociology of scientific knowledge with Marxist foundations and idea of an "inexhaustible atom".

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  • MacPherson and his propose of the classical foundations of "possessive individualism", the basis of what he later called the "Western democratic ontology". Locke and the Dialectics of Possessive Individualism. The Reversals of Possessive Individualism.

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