Hallmarks of LLM in comparative and international dispute resolution at Queen Mary University of London

Analysis of the distinctive positive aspects of the Master's Program "Comparative and International Dispute Resolution" at Queen Mary University of London. Application of the method of analysis and synthesis of legal and scientific-methodical sources.

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  • The objectives of teaching English at the university level for students of different specialties. The study of two approaches in teaching grammar: analysis and use of grammatical units. Grammar class analysis and assignment description for each stage.

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  • A brief history and structure of the Oxford University. Description of the architectural complex of its constituent buildings and infrastructure of the town. Principles of formation of its academic policy. The level of development of their science.

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  • Consideration the operation of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service in the UK. Need for Ukraine to establish a similar single centralized information portal for university access, that will help students avoid any damaging corruption.

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  • The reasons for the reduction of time allocated for the study of English phonetics in a linguistic university. Analysis of the inverted education method that can increase the effectiveness of the course taught. The use of computer technology in training.

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  • Analysis of the new approach to professional training of specialists at the Technological University. Features of teaching the theory of mathematics and the possibility of its application in applied subjects of chemical and technological processes.

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  • Consideration and analysis of the establishment of history and trends of distance learning at the level of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Auditing and Khmelnytsky National University. The tasks of reforming of education in Ukraine.

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  • Universities are operating in an increasingly competitive environment and understanding its funding as diminishing which makes the attraction of international students very difficult. The role of marketing in higher education and the way it is understood.

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  • Formation of communicative and cognitive competence of students that are foreign-speaking. It is noted that the integration of Ukraine into the scientific space is impossible without improving the system of foreign language training of specialists.

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  • The history of universities in Ireland began in 1311 when John de Lee, Archbishop of Dublin, received from Pope Clement V permit for the University of Dublin, and in 1854 founded the first Catholic University of Ireland, with the Rector of Newman.

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  • European approach to education. Ukrainian realities of the introduction of a competence approach in this area. PhD program in philosophy and requirements of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the procedure for the preparation of applicants.

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