General economic principles of termination rates regulation

Common Position on symmetry of mobile/fixed call termination rates. Fixed termination regulation across Europe: an overview. Regulation of market and mobile termination tariffs. Principal advantages of symmetry on a long-term and a transitory basis.

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  • The role of state regulation of the economy and theoretical approaches to these processes. Analysis of the structuring of the national economy by component basis. The main characteristic of the problem of territorial-industrial complexes in the state.

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  • Fast speech is the arch enemy of simultaneous interpreters. Basics problems of fast speech, ways to solve them. Strategies for coping with fast speeches: request the speaker to slow down, the interpreter speeds up, summarization, termination of service.

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  • Legislative regulation of educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus. Theoretical analysis of the concept of "freedom" in modern legal science. Contradictions between the norms of law and review orders. The direction of the Belarusian citizens.

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  • The biological role of phospholipids and glycolipids. The composition of blood lipoprotein transport. Cholesterol biosynthesis and its regulation. Synthesis of bile acids and intravascular lipolysis. Violation and regulation of lipid metabolism.

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  • Economy as a science, its sections. A private property and profit as market economy elements. Essence and marketing functions. Industrial management of the organization. A role and advantages of a competition in the market. Enterprise fixed capital.

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  • Terminological sphere in new branches of economic science, new economic theories that have appeared in the period of market economic relations development. The main ways of word formation in general and in particular the terms of word formation.

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  • Problems of the role of internal institutional forces in the process of institutional regulation. The essence of institutional layering, distortion and self-reliance. Analysis of endogenous processes that promote the adaptation of the organization.

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  • Regulating of financial leasing. The most distinguished and relevant characteristic of a finance. Nominal purchase, rendering a lease transaction the functional equivalent of a loan. Different definitional issue, regulation of leasing in emerging market.

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  • Concept of external ekonomik activity, management and regulation. System and legal status bodies of manadgement foreign trade activities. Ways of perfection organizationally-legal regulation foreign trade activities of a Republic of Uzbekistan.

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  • Franchising - arrangement where one party grants another party the right to use its trademark or trade-name as well as business systems and processes, to produce and market a good or service according to specifications. Its regulation and significance.

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