Modal Verbs Expressing Supposition and Means of Rendering them into Armenian and Russian

Kinds of modality (deontic and epistemic) and the problem of it in Modern English. The use of the modal verbs in the meaning of supposition, such as: can, could, may, might, will and would. Various degrees of certainty about a fact or an event.

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  • Review of Theoretical and Practical Studying of Modality in English. The Notion of Modality. The Category of Modality. Modal Words as Means of Expressing the Truth. Syntactic Functions of Modal Words. Comparison and General Characteristics of Modal Words.

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  • The most common forms and functions of modal verbs in english. The explanation of the absence of the s-inflexion in the verbs "will" and "ought". Features of using adjective "can" in questions about possibility and in statements about impossibility.

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  • The essence of modality as a category of linguistic meaning, its objective and subjective types. The concept of Sh. Ballie for modality in the West-European linguistics. Modal values having different means of expression according to the A.V. Bondarko.

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  • Modal auxiliary verbs. To uses the verb "to be" as a main verb. The main verb. Possibility and Ability. Infinitive without "to". An auxiliary verb, a modal auxiliary verb. A real question. The main uses of Education and verbs in the English language.

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  • An analysis of the role of modality in the English academic writing. Discourse study of articles in physics, biology, chemistry and psychology. The classification of modality expression means suggested by Frank Palmer: epistemic, deontic, and dynamic.

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  • The possibility of translating modality in the language of translation, which is associated with necessity, advice, willingness, intent through modal verbs in the English language. Examples of the use of phraseological and idiomatic expressions.

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  • The ways of expressing modality in the composition of Russian and English folk will take and identify the most frequent variants of its expression. Features of lexical expression of modality with the help of the verbs and words in both languages.

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  • Systematization of the main ways of translating the meanings of the verb can into Russian. Means of lexicalization of modal trajectories of the verb can in the Russian language, cross-linguistic comparison of modal values with his "translateme".

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  • Five main categories of Germanic languages. The history of the English verb. The characteristic of the Modern English verbs, main groups of strong verbs. Tense of the English verbs. Peculiarities of aspect in English. The forms of suppletive verbs.

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  • Verbs are one of the main word classes in the English language. Development and formation of the regular verbs. Irregular verbs in Modern English as derived from verbs that followed more regular patterns at a previous stage in the history of the language.

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