A contemporary economic policy in Ukraine and legal mechanisms of its implementation

Improving the quality of government management of the economy based on the principles recognized by the European Union and the formation of a modern legal framework, capable of providing a large-scale reformation of the modern Ukrainian economy.

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  • Principles of a approach to legislative support of the innovation and investment sectors of the economy. The systematization of the appropriate legal framework and detail regarding the application of legal instruments in the regulatory legal framework.

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  • The algorithm of the sequence of steps which are necessary for the effective management of procedures for Ukrainian integration into a world economy, for the entry into European Union. The state of Ukrainian legal readiness to the integration processes.

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  • Modern condition of Ukrainian economy. Fuel and energy complex. Graphical depiction of Ukraine's product exports in 28 color-coded categories. Economic development of the Ukraine. Targeted values of social-economic development of Kyiv city by 2025.

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  • Analysis of the legal regulation of investment activity in Ukraine. The actual state of Ukrainian politics and current problems of state. Development of recommendations for improvement of legal regulation of the investment climate in the country.

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  • An alternative is considered to be European Union, which in turn is very promising for the economy of Ukraine. Industrial-financial groups play a very important role in the economy of our country and highly influential on the trends of its development.

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  • Regional socio-economic studies. Economics and national economy management. Economy enterprises and industries. Finance and banking, accounting and auditing, macroeconomic research. Macroeconomical problems of inflation in the economy of modern Ukraine.

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  • Familiarity with the mechanisms and instruments of management of investment flows in the national economy in a systemic crisis. Consideration of the main ways of applying the rules of long-term promoting investment in strategic economic activities.

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  • Effective government regulation of industry in Ukraine. Problems of social and economic development and use of methods of tax policy. Causal diagram of the innovation economy. Objectives of innovative companies. Capital factor of innovative enterprises.

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  • Rationale for the Knowledge-based Economy in Malaysia. Creation of favorable legal base and special economic incentives for the innovative economy. The comparison of Malaysian case with the Russian one. Chinese business and links with overseas Chinese.

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  • Russia has undergone significant changes since the collapse of the Soviet Union, moving from a centrally-planned economy to market-based economy. The policy of privatization in the 1990s. The impact of the global financial crisis on the Russian economy.

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