Self-healing concrete: definition, mechanism and application in different types of structures

The approaches to create smart and enhance its properties while reducing the cost of overall use of the material. Factors that affect the use of self-healing concrete. Application in architectural designs and small-size and medium-sized buildings.

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  • The finite element method for prediction of crack resistance of concrete structures based on cements different types. Temperature evolution in the concretes from different cements. Crack tip critical stress intensity factor and width of crack opening.

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  • The influence of technological factors on the formation of properties of finegrained concrete. Rapid hardening concrete, modified with complex chemical admixtures, for prestressed precast hollow core slabs produced by continuous extrusion forming.

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  • The model of concrete structure with porous and dense fillers. Geometric parameters of the filler. The filler inclusion with a constant and a variable width of the contact zone. Concrete polished sections. The geometrical parameters of the initial defect.

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  • Definition concrete mixture composition with the additives of zeolitic tuff and superplasticizer was optimized by the method of mathematical planning of experiment. Study the basic methods to improve the strength of concrete at a later age hardening.

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  • Guidance the calculation of bearing capacity of inclined sections of reinforced concrete elements strengthened with external composite reinforcement using a deformation model DBN.2.6.-98:2009 and engineering methodology presented in SNiP 2.03.01-84.

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  • A study of the rheological properties of self-compacting fiber reinforced concrete mixtures with additives of modifiers and microfillers. Investigation of the basic performance characteristics of concrete based on these mixtures has been carried out.

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  • Features of the implementation of the national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Russian Citizens". Construction of multi-storey eco-houses. The advantages of using panels of wood concrete. The development of thermal insulation materials.

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  • Development of heating coating for runways of airfields and highways. Using concrete reinforced with chemical electrically conductive fibers. Definition condensed elasticity characteristics of cluster layers. Calculation of heated construction of shell.

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  • Investigation of the basic methods of calculating bearing capacity of reinforced concrete strengthened in different ways. The establishment features reception calculation data on the bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete beams designed building.

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  • Review of possible architectural solutions with application of bioclimatic elements of green architecture. Negative side effects of global warming. The importance of building an architectural space. A comparison between green and sustainable designs.

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