Competitiveness of ukrainian food enterprises, features of assessment

Analysis of product competitiveness as the main factor of its commercial success in the market with a large number of manufacturers of similar products. Description of the features of evaluation and analysis of products of food industry enterprises.

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  • The existing methods for assessing the competitiveness of enterprises. Key indicators of the competitiveness of the company. Use the innovation factor in assessing the competitiveness of enterprises. Determine the feasibility of using different methods.

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  • Familiarity with the basic preconditions of innovative development of the food industry. Peculiarities of determining the competitiveness of alcohol production. Low level of technological base of enterprises of the alcohol industry is a systemic problem.

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  • The essence of the concept of "competitiveness" of the enterprise. The most common methods for assessing the competitiveness of enterprises. The need to select the optimum factors for evaluating the competitiveness of enterprises with industry-specific.

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  • The problem of forming a system of factors influencing the competitiveness of tire industry products. Determination of the effective mechanism for managing the competitiveness of products. Formation of impact on the competitiveness of the enterprise.

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  • Study of the problems of liberalization of the market of agricultural products as a constituent part of food safety are researched. The state system of measures protection by a agricultural sector of the economically of the most developed countries.

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  • Environmental aspects of food production. Economic development of food industry. Comparative analysis of environmental payments that are presented for payment and actually paid by the companies in the region, the volumes of the capital investments.

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  • The performance indicators for the evaluation of products and services. Ensure the competitiveness of enterprises in the formation of the export portfolio for a mechanical engineering enterprise, attractiveness rating structure of market segments.

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  • Increase of competitiveness of the company at present stage of business development. Analysis of management effectiveness in all areas of activity: industrial, commercial, purchasing, financial, investment. Ways to improve the company's competitiveness.

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  • Analysis of the process of forming a model of "competitive space" of the aviation industry taking into account environmental and innovation factors. The parameters for assessing the competitiveness of aviation services enterprises in their analysis.

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  • Analysis of the current state of bakery enterprises of Odessa region. Characteristics of formation of demand, the market of bakery products in Odessa region. Key recommendations with regards to possible directions of problem-solving enterprises.

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