Social activity of youth cohorts in the structure of the modern social and political process

The main results of the research of social activity of the youth cohorts. The peculiarities of the youth cohorts social activity in the structure of the modern social and political process. The youth participation regularity in modern social life.

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  • Comparative analysis of the satisfaction of Ukrainian and European youth with the institutions of power and the key processes taking place in socio-political contexts. Assessing the state of education. Dissatisfaction with social institutions in Ukraine.

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  • Research and characterization demographic problem. Consideration of international relations, intercommunication and range of processes in economic, political, social and cultural life of the planet. Analysis of the modern state of human civilization.

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  • The social innovations as basic instrument of upgrading life of population of regions. The blended value proposition: integrating social and financial returns. Sotsialne pidpryiemnycztvo: osnovni idei. Economic activity of population of Ukraine.

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  • Theoretical foundations, structure and functions of the system of social institutions. Legal regulation of the market. Establishment and maintenance of political power, trade unions and associations. Identification of attitudes and behaviors in society.

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  • Analyzing the concept of "civilization" and "values" from the point of view of different sciences. On the basis of research of scientists, determination of the priorities of the value sphere of youth in the contradictory conditions of modern civilization.

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  • Studying the socio-cultural environment of student youth as a core group of professional socialization: trends and components of development. The reasons for unsuccessful professional socialization, which can lead to the process of social exclusion.

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  • The concept, factors, methods of rating assessment of social development. The study of the principles of state regulation. Improving social sustainability of the economic sphere. Determining the structure of the social package and collective agreements.

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  • The role of the state in the process of the social development of the society. Fundamentals to the social policy of the state, through which the state can really get into the level of social cohesion. Fundamentals of real-life social policy of the state.

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  • An analysis of the marginal individual as a social phenomenon that forms the basis for global crises, the consequences of which are unpredictable. The basic mechanisms of the social transit of marginal communities into an integrated socio-cultural space.

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  • The impact of the economic crisis on the social well-being of the country. Decreased quality of life in people, which leads to social tension. Study of the region’s reaction to changes in the structure of choice of goods and services in the local market.

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