The grammar of English comparing to the grammar of Russian as a foreign: differences and common characteristics for perceived understanding of aspect of an action’s functioning

Analysis of the procedural nature of the action as an characteristic of the functioning of English and Russian as a foreign language. Substantiation of the development of the communicative competence of listeners through the assimilation of grammar.

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  • Analysis and specifics of mechanisms for the formation of foreign language competence in Economics students by means of English and German in the course "English in the business sphere". Development of communicative competence of future specialists.

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  • The teaching of communicative language as one of the best language teaching methods suitable for learning a foreign language, as it is mainly concentrated on the ability to speak rather than know all grammar rules and structures. Theory of language.

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  • General issues of translation. Types of translation: classification criteria, functional. Lexical and grammatical equivalence. Ways of Achieving Equivalence. Translation Models, grammar problems. Differences in Russian and English word combinability.

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  • Consideration of the development of speech in a foreign language. Proper use of grammar speech without a teacher. Creation of pronunciation of any words or a new way of intonation of utterances. Listening and its use in English. Analysis of the situation.

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  • In the textbook incorporates the European standards for mastering conversational skills, raising to a new level of knowledge of grammar and vocabulary of a foreign language; development of communication skills, writing; understanding of another culture.

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  • The typical mistakes in the English punctuation and the correct rules of the using an apostrophe. The most important grammar rules. This is very useful material for all learners who want to understand English more deeply and use it in an appropriate way.

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  • Checking the basics of English grammar (tests with answers). Choosing the correct answer for each sentence: adjective or adverb; comparative adjective and comparing things. Choosing the article: a or an?; a or the? Spelling verbs. Conditional time.

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  • Methods of foreign teaching as a science. The content of teaching pronunciation. English grammar structure. Writing in a secondary school. The importance of listening comprehension. How to teach reading. Stages in the development of writing proficiency.

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  • Providing some examples of literate establishment of a verb in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple. Methods for producing sentences in the present tense. Еxample of language means speech for English-Russian and Russian-English text translations.

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  • Problems of part of speech classification in modern English. Notional parts of speech in English. Grammatical categories denoting time and character of the action. Main notions of grammar. Grammatical meaning, form. Theoretical grammar and its subject.

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