Development of the state and supreme representative bodies of England and France in the pre-revolutionary period

Idea of a special mission and role of Great Britain in the history of Europe and the world. The historical role of France. The epoch of estate-representative monarchy in England and France. The time frame of the age of absolutism in England and France.

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  • The history of France’s Parliament. The National Assembly forming. Most notable among the assembly’s controversial priorities. Studying how the French have elected their representatives and what powers they have given them have over different time.

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  • The political system of Great Britain. The organs of government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The Comparison Of Two Political Systems: Ukrainian And British Ones. Tendencies to the reinforcement of executive power and diminishing of legislature.

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  • Orgazation the legislative authority and the executive branch in Great Britain. The History of British Monarchy. The personal and political prerogatives of Monarchs in Great Britain. Five Facts about British Monarchy which are usually mistaken.

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  • The main road learning to Parliament. Check of correctness of work of the government like the most important task of Parliament. The structure of Parliament in England. The function of The House of Commons and Lords. Constituencies of the United Kingdom.

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  • The main problems of the formation of democracy. Comparison of the political systems of Great Britain and Ukraine: a form of government, the functions of Parliament, representative democracy, legislature and executive bodies, local self-government.

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  • Position of an advocate. Person who specialized in law. Special role refers to the advocate in every legal state. The role of the lawyer in Poland. Representation of clients in all types of cases, particularly in criminal, civil and corporate law.

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  • The characteristics of the judicial system and procedural legislation of France. The device of the administrative courts. Terms of training judges and judicial staff. The French system of juvenile justice. The use of punishment and the prison system.

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  • Studying of theoretic and constitutional law. General principles of organization of legislative (representative) and executive bodies of state authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation. Questions of federalism and democracy in country.

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  • The relevance of the problem of determining the concept of the principle of proportionality in the historical context in the territory of modern Europe, its significance for modern reformational, state and law-making processes. Need to regulate EU law.

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  • The topical issues of combating online fraud, analyzing the activity of the state special organizations of leading countries of the world, that have gained an extensive experience in the establishment and functioning of such departments and organizations.

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