1 kg of potatoes of the UE"Liel". The calculation of price: involving cost analysis and break-even method

Essence of prices, its functions. Determining variable costs and economic sense. Break-Even point. A brief description of the industry in which the company operates: identification of the industry and market type, business competitors and their shares.

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  • Liquidation value: methods of calculation. Estimation of business value. This includes or a company that has its own owner, and which derives profit from the implementation of its business or company activities. An economic analysis of the enterprise.

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  • Familiarization with market analysis of ceramic tiles in Ukraine. Characteristics of the main consumers and customers company. Research of features the strategy of "market share protection", prices and advertising budget of the company "Cerzanit".

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  • Characteristics of transaction costs and institutions of the European Trucking Industry: familiarity with the key issues of the traditional stages of the economic analysis. Familiarity with basic facilities and human capital on the part of the driver.

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  • Industry - production of a good or service. The consideration sectors of the world economy, classification them by certain categories. Methods of foresight and technology forecasting the most companies in the industry today. The study of economic trends.

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  • The essence of Russian economic modernization. The technological progress, competitiveness and improving the standard of living of everyone. The analysis of the "points of contact" is an analysis of a company, a service itself and market relations.

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  • Comparative analysis of sectors of industry in Russia and Kazakhstan. Calculation of the average annual growth in the extractive and manufacturing industries. Analysis of trends in investment dynamics using the method of analytical equalization.

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  • Analysis of the simple optimizing model of nominal price, familiarity with the features. General characteristics a model with random intervals between price changes, examination functions. General characteristics of papers by Campbell and Shiller.

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  • The interdependence of market mechanisms with the effectiveness of the institutional environment. The directions of forming a homogeneous institutional environment. The analysis of the transaction costs of telecommunications market public sector entities.

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  • The study of trends economic value added (EVA) and the relationship of this indicator with the creation of shareholder value in corporate enterprises. Analysis of the impact of EVA on the formation of market prices. Research in the field of investment.

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  • Analysis of the main drivers of price of palladium description of the market. Heterogeneous investors and open interest. A more flexible fundamental model. Economic significance of non-hedger investment in commodity markets. Commodity market interest.

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