The results of an international research project "Ubi universitas - Ibi Europa"

International project "Ubi universitas – Ibi Europa". Transfer, adaptation of university ideas in the Russian Empire of the 18th-19th century was officially implemented in 2008-2010. The base for the project was the German Historical Institute in Moscow.

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  • Pedagogical references of project work in the past. Project work in a language classroom. The role of a teacher. IT and multimedial devices in project work. Registration and looking for a partner school. Evaluation of the questionnaire for pupils.

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  • The project-based method as a integral to the education process offering ways for modernizing the education environment. Stages, common benefits and opportunities of method. Skills that are necessary for students and a teacher to use project-based method.

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  • One of the oldest and most highly revered Universities in Europe. A Brief History of University. Structure of the Oxford University. The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. Staff of the University. Teaching and Research. International Links.

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  • Consideration of the actual problems of multilingual education - review of the international Comenius project "MuViT" experience on producing electronic manual for school children learning english, german, spanish, turkish and russian languages.

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  • The study of the advantages of the introduction of technology projects in modern universities as an effective means of motivating students to learn a foreign language, reveal their intellectual and creative potential, the development of speech skills.

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  • The results of piloting the pilot course in the methodology of teaching foreign languages in the framework of the project "School Teacher of the New Generation". The conclusion is made about positive perception of experimental learning by students.

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  • Analysis of the distinctive positive aspects of the Master's Program "Comparative and International Dispute Resolution" at Queen Mary University of London. Application of the method of analysis and synthesis of legal and scientific-methodical sources.

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  • Using short video excerpts of 3-6 minutes to increase the interest of students in grades 7-9 of the school to learn English. Comparison of the experience of teaching a foreign language using video materials, games and the method of discussions.

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  • Study of the problem of the prospects for the development of scientific communicative research and communicative education in universities. Characteristic of conceptual ideas of empirical research from the standpoint of the sociocultural approach.

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  • International Institute of training, which occupies a special place among the educational institutions of Hungary like a specialized institution of student mobility Transcarpathian youth. Specific features of student mobility of foreign Hungarians.

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