Propensity for saving and consumption during the period of transformation in Poland: findings based on the consumer tendency survey

The transformation from a centrally planned to a market economy at the initial stage - a process that covers a wide range of areas, including the political, economic system and social relations. Income elasticity of consumption and savings in Poland.

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  • The factors and indicators that determine economic development. Crisis reasons of economy, the role of raising the price of oil in the process. Analysis of the relationship between energy consumption and economic growth indicators of its effectiveness.

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  • The study of the evolution of the economy under the influence of the globalization processes that stimulates the process of its transformation due to activation of structural shifts in economic activity. Structural changes in the investment system.

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  • Comparative characteristics of economic systems. Providing access to global markets, the formation of design thinking, using a wide range of resources and contributing to the development of the human personality - the tasks of the creative economy.

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  • The economic environment. Measuring economic activity. Economic systems and markets. Income, price and demand. A model of the economy, inflation. Money, banking, injections, withdrawals. Interest rates, bond prices. The money market and monetary policy.

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  • Economic planning versus the command economy. Planned economies and socialism. Transition from a planned economy to a market economy. Advantages over market economies. Disadvantages of economic planning. Features of economic development of China.

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  • Russia has undergone significant changes since the collapse of the Soviet Union, moving from a centrally-planned economy to market-based economy. The policy of privatization in the 1990s. The impact of the global financial crisis on the Russian economy.

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  • The history of the development of the concept of a command economy. The essence and characteristic features of modern centrally planned economy. Advantages and disadvantages of a command economy. The most frequently cited examples of command economies.

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  • The new approaches of railway enterprises management during the transformation period. The estimation of enterprise charges and the models of reducing drawbacks. The railway transport as an economic subject. The development of transport infrastructure.

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  • The main trends of the world market of M&A transactions and determines specific features of mergers and acquisitions market in Ukraine at the present stage. The transformation mechanisms to update business models. The domestic market of mergers.

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  • Characteristic of the notion of travel and tourism economy. Analysis of the role of tourism in the socio-economic development of Poland. Quantification of travel and tourism economy. Study of tourism contribution to Gross Domestic Product and employment.

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