Ecologically oriented development of Ukraine's economy: problems and perspectives

The solution of problems in waste recycling and low-cost power supply is shown on the example of a special waste products recycling complex. This gives an opportunity to improve the energy efficiency and promote ecologically oriented economic development.

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  • Investigates the experience of different countries in solving the problem of disposal of ash and slag waste. Considers of the existing organizational forms and methods of economic incentives for companies aimed at reducing anthropogenic pressure.

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  • Modern condition of Ukrainian economy. Fuel and energy complex. Graphical depiction of Ukraine's product exports in 28 color-coded categories. Economic development of the Ukraine. Targeted values of social-economic development of Kyiv city by 2025.

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  • Analyzes of the gross domestic product, consumer price index, unemployment rate, trade balance, business environment, fiscal policy. The last tendencies of Ukraine's economy. The main problems of development and growth of economic potential of Ukraine.

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  • Study of the main economic and environmental problems of Ukraine's energy supply, prospects and advantages of using alternative heat supply technologies based on the latest technologies for using the energy of the environment in the conditions of crisis.

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  • The current state, trends and problems of the oil and fat industry enterprises of Ukraine. The optimal use of processing capacities and retention of leading status of Ukraine in the oil’s export require solutions to improve production efficiency.

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  • The basic problems and prospects of Ukraine's development in the period of political, social and economic transformations. The underestimation by the authorities of the factor of high inflation - one of the main reasons of the further fall of hryvnia.

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  • Analysis of the problems of the regional economy in Kazakhstan, development of recommendations to improve the situation. Proposed economic mechanism to stimulate the development of territories. Introducing of the effective model of corporate economy.

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  • The modern problems of development of renewable energy sources as an integral part of local and regional economies. Research of financial-economic security in Ukraine. The impact of renewable energy on the production and finances of Ukrainian citizens.

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  • Classification of investments and their structure. Development and implementation of investment policy aimed at ensuring high economic growth and raising economic efficiency. Problems and perspectives of the development of investment funds in Kazakhstan.

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  • The content and specific risks of regional development, the identification of possible negative consequences of these risks. Analysis of the problems of socio-economic development of the regions of Ukraine, improve the regional risk management system.

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