Philosophy of politics, metaphysics of modern times

Policy research as the main form of state-building activity. Justification of politics and political activity of statesmen on the basis of philosophical reinterpretation of dialectics. Characteristics of moral values that produce a philosophy of politics.

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  • Analysis of Jewish philosophy of New and Modern Times as an integral phenomenon. The main criteria for belonging to Jewish philosophy. A list of the main authors who meet these criteria. The state of Jewish philosophy by the end of the XX century.

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  • Modal power and the art of realizing the possible. Complementarity of political philosophy and philosophy of science. the Politics and science of the facts-fiction distinguishing. The quantum nature of modal power, the prolegomena of its historiography.

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  • Аnalyze the current transgressive state of postcolonial practices in view of the concept of European identity and its functions in the implementation of international politics. Ideas of European values, historical, cultural, philosophical and ideological.

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  • Preconditions of Philosophical Thought S. Weil. Commentary on the Lectures on Philosophy given by her while teaching at the Roan School. Presentation of topics: materialistic view; after opening the mind; politics and social theory; ethics and aesthetics.

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  • Research of history of development and opening of maintenance of subjectivism interpretation of moral is in European philosophy. A denial of moral norms and functionalism is in modern conception of moral. Theories of subjectivism of philosophy of moral.

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  • The metodological basis of ttie study was ttie sociocultural approacti, ttie essence of wtiicti is to consider education as ttie main sptiere of social activity. Ttie modern education is influenced by ttie dynamic sociocultural transformations.

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  • The formation of the philosophy of sports as a scientific direction in the context of socio-philosophical discourse. Sport is a means of moral and aesthetic education, its socio-philosophical dimensions. Directions for the development of sports culture.

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  • An example of a hermeneutical philosophy. Main motives of criticism of metaphysics. Philosophical hermeneutics as a post-metaphysical project Habermas as the author of the "post-metaphysical thinking". Positive strategy for the criticism of metaphysics.

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  • Investigated of the basic essence of philosophy of the sport as an educational policy. Identified evaluative nature of sports activity that forms the individuality and that expresses in the harmonization of the physical, mental and spiritual principles.

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  • Describes the role of philosophy, the philosopher in society from Plato to the present. Trends are singled out - the first focused philosophers on social activity, and the second - formed in the postmodern era and was limited to epistemological activity.

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