Olbia in the Roman empire: some observations on Neronian evidence

The Roman period in Olbia and around the Black Sea in general. Parts of the ancient evidence that have been claimed as important for the Neronian period. Study the text of the epitaph of Tiberius Plautius Silvanus and compare it with the data of Tacitus.

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  • The history of building of the "citadel" of Chersonesus of Taurica during the Hellenistic period in response to escalation of an armed conflict between Chersonesus and Scythia. The question of prototype of the citadel’s inner layout during Roman period.

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  • The pottery assemblage of the archaic period from the ancient rural settlement discovered along the southern shore of Cara Burun Bay at the place known as Agik Suhat. It is investigated by a French-Romanian team jointly conducted by Baralis and Lungu.

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  • The hypotheses about the presence of representatives of Ancient Russia in the Caspian region and the related Norman theory. The study of the invasions of the Scandinavians, known as "Rus" in the Caspian region. Evidence of the activities of the Rusyns.

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  • The arrival of native Americans and Europeans to the continent. Evidence of ancient life in America. Examination of ancient culture. The history of the European colonization of America; the formation of the British colonies, the institution of slavery.

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  • Amir Temur or Tamerlane as a military genius. The map of the Timurid Empire. The exigencies of Timur's quasi-sovereign position. Monument of Emir Timur in Tashkent. Period of expansion. Indian Campaign. Last campaigns, death. Contributions to the arts.

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  • The consideration of the hypothesis that some groups of artefacts (astragalus, "cones") dating to early agricultural period from the territory of South-Eastern Europe could have been used as equipment for playing ancient "games" or divination practices.

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  • Different approaches and methods of the study of the shaping and operating the political system "leading a nomadic life empire". Consideration of the development to modern history thought in study social-political sphere of the nomadic formation.

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  • The journal Hendrick Hamel1 as a record of personal experience and observations of Hamel concerning the foreign relations of the Joseon dynasty during his stay in Coson. General characteristics of political relations between ancient China and Korea.

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  • Analysis of the activity of "Prosvita" in Drohobych in the interwar period of the ХХ century. Characteristics of the counteraction of the Polish authorities and local political structures, which tried to nullify and devalue the work of the institution.

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  • The study of the history of development and functioning of military counterintelligence service of the Russian Empire in 1903-1914. Analysis of the basic principles of counterintelligence’s organizational structure, evolution of its goals and objectives.

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