Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology

Key concept of psychology and their definitions, entries on people and subjects important to the study of psychology. Historical information on psychology and psychoanalysis development. Glossary as essential help of understanding of psychology concepts.

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  • Principles of promoting the development of intercultural psychology on the part of 's psychology. L.S. Vygotsky as one of the founders of intercultural psychology. Factor analysis of ethnic and cultural identities of Russian and American respondents.

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  • Specific of understanding. The context of philosophical problem of correlation of real and ideal. Attitude toward understanding is the result of cognition change in the process of the development of philosophical ideas. The levels of understanding.

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  • Psychology and Common Sense. The support and structure of neurons. The Growth of the Central Nervous System. Sociobiology and sexual behaviour. Psychosomatic disorders and panic attacks. Hunger and the Control of Food Intake. The Development of Emotion.

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  • The study of the general theory of psychological systems in the framework of the formation of the post-non-classical paradigm in psychology as an attempt to develop synergy in the subject area of psychology. The main problems of human interaction.

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  • Studying the creative and motivational aspects of learning supported by the game based on the cultural and historical psychology of Vygotsky. Description of the expanded concept of ZPD, which includes the distance from potentials to personality changes.

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  • The few exceptions included the materialistic philosophies or psychologies of Democritus, Hobbes, Gassendi, La Mettrie, Watson. Chomsky’s nativistic analysis of language into psychology. Creating the eld of artificial intelligence to simulate the humans.

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  • Analyze modern psychological science. Experiment and observation in psychology. Description neuroscience and behaviour. Parent and child relationship. Analyze of human motives. Basic types of temperament. Classification of character accentuations.

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  • Psychology as a science. Emotional and mental health. Man as a creature with a strong mind. Pathological anxiety: the crisis of self-esteem. The importance of psychotherapy. The nature and source of self-esteem. Work on self-esteem. Fear versus thoughts.

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  • Applied psychology and accidents in Transportation, regulation of transportation systems. Acculturation concept, acculturation strategies and stress. Anxiety disorders in late Life, cognitive aging. Assessment in sport psychology, cheating in sport.

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  • Comprehension of a role of communication in human life as one of priority tendencies in development of psychology of personality and social psychology. Identity of communication and vital activity and success in professional work and in public life.

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