Cognitive psychology

The few exceptions included the materialistic philosophies or psychologies of Democritus, Hobbes, Gassendi, La Mettrie, Watson. Chomsky’s nativistic analysis of language into psychology. Creating the eld of artificial intelligence to simulate the humans.

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  • The study of internal and external causes of the intensive development of economic psychology. Analysis of the differences between the basic concepts of economic psychology: economic consciousness, behavior, group. Dual status of economic psychology.

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  • Principles of promoting the development of intercultural psychology on the part of 's psychology. L.S. Vygotsky as one of the founders of intercultural psychology. Factor analysis of ethnic and cultural identities of Russian and American respondents.

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  • Presents a brief overview of the developments in Marxist psychology and its achievement over the past first Marx's century. Characteristic features of activities Vygotsky and content of the dialectical method. Research and analysis of Marx's archives.

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  • Applied psychology and accidents in Transportation, regulation of transportation systems. Acculturation concept, acculturation strategies and stress. Anxiety disorders in late Life, cognitive aging. Assessment in sport psychology, cheating in sport.

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  • Psychodinamic, humanistic, existential, dispositional, learning theories. Psychology of the Individual. Humanistic Psychoanalysis. Psychoanalitic Social Theory. Object Relations Theory. Cognitive Social Learning Theory. Psychology of Personal Constructs.

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  • This analysis and comparing two analytical approaches actively advanced in the school of America hermeneutic psychology and clinical social psychology: "hermeneutics of love" and "hermeneutics of suspicion". The hermeneutics as a foundation for thinking.

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  • The article deals with the cognitive aspects of moral decision making, the theory of cognitive development proposed by American psychologist L. Kohlberg is examined, which could be applicable to the analysis of reasoning in the decision making process.

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  • Spirituality is expressed in a person as acts in the affective states spiritual experiences that reflect its values and meanings, realized in the form of spiritual abilities. In psychology spirituality seen in the unity of the moral, mental components.

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  • Psychological content of teaching foreign languages and its relationship with psycholinguistics, psychology and pedagogy. Modern tendency of foreign language education of the study process. Psychological features of speech acts of language learning.

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  • Psychology as a science. Emotional and mental health. Man as a creature with a strong mind. Pathological anxiety: the crisis of self-esteem. The importance of psychotherapy. The nature and source of self-esteem. Work on self-esteem. Fear versus thoughts.

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