Consciousness and Cognition

Spectrum functionalism. The irrelevance of behavioral undetectability: Extending the argument. Qualia and Fregean senses. Phenomenology and representational content. The structure of belief and perceptual representation. The Singular propositions.

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  • Definition of democracy from the point of view of philosophy in Derrida's works. Interpretation of humanism or anthropologism as things in common of existentialism and christianity. The concept of phenomenology of thinking. Formal structure of a question.

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  • The hermeneutical critique of husserlian idealism. The assumption of the philosophical interpretation of the phenomenology. Kinship between the ante-predicative phenomenology and that of hermeneutics. The coincidence of intuition and explication.

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  • Questions of justice, which in the global context acquire practical features. The content of an unlimited communicative community. Analysis of global justice as a result of the interaction of various specific systems of values of social communities.

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  • Research of the development of artificial intelligence and cognitive robotics. The elucidation of the nature of the carriers of consciousness, their relations with the environment. The problems of creating artificial consciousness inside the machine.

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  • Roman Ingarden's contribution in to philosophical phenomenology there is an important area which covers the problems of aesthetics. His works have been published mainly in the Polish language. Biography Roman Ingarden and his scientific activities.

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  • Understanding of freedom in Merleau-Ponty's book "Phenomenology of perception". Existential Marxism in postwar France. Analysis of concept: being and nothingness, self and world, subject and object. Dialectical duality of the perceiver-perceived body.

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  • Pluralistic and individualistic societies, who deconstructed parts of their own culture to be filled by "imported" believes and habits from Outside, especially from the East. The study of exceptional states of consciousness led from Wilhelm Wundt’s.

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  • Nature of cogitative processes of man, their essence and philosophical value. A study of properties of human consciousness and mind, their value, is in creative activity. Reflections of man as philosophical category and basic problem of contemporaneity.

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  • The topical issues of reformation of the modern educational system, which are connected to using of model and principles of the philosophy of dialog. Forming of a dialogical consciousness and thinking and an actual way to overcome the rationalism.

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  • Research of history of development and opening of maintenance of subjectivism interpretation of moral is in European philosophy. A denial of moral norms and functionalism is in modern conception of moral. Theories of subjectivism of philosophy of moral.

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