A library of routines for incoherent scatter radar data processing

The study of the structure of the developed dynamic link library of routines for processing radar ( EISCAT) incoherent scatter signal simulator with the help of complex software, GUISDAP and MATLAB, and examples of its application in Ukraine in our time.

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  • The results of using the DInSar and PSInSar methods of interferometric processing of radar data for monitoring subsidence of the earth's surface in oil-producing areas in Western Siberia. Features reception and primary data processing ERS-2\SAR.

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  • The scope and conditions of use of holographic underground radar. Their role is to prevent the receiver gain from changing in time to adapt to a lossy environment. Basic principles and mechanisms for the survey of civil and historical buildings.

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  • Создание программ обработки сигналов для современных научных и технических приложений. Частотный анализ и спектральная оценка. Генерация сигналов в пакете Signal Processing. Свойства дискретной свертки двух сигналов. Визуальное представление сигнала.

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  • The breadth and depth of digital signal processing as one of the most powerful technologies. The most important concepts in statistics and probability. A variety of signal processing techniques. Properties and usage of convolution in several areas.

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  • Study the problem of the optimal distribution of training time on the simulator. Development of the basic optimization algorithm. Designing the structure of the program complex. Determine individual abilities of every student by testing the trained group.

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  • The development of the GPR "ODYAG -4", designed to monitor the state of pavement. Description, device's characteristics of testing on the road. Development of the radiating and receiving modules for efficient radiation and reception of radar signals.

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  • Improving the immunity of the radio system from spatial-concentrated interference by optimizing the spatial processing. The effectiveness of spatial processing in static, dynamic modes. The convergence rate of the adaptive weight vector setting.

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  • New approach to remote sensing, which combines the spectral and polarization-metric characteristics of signals. Theory for the case of rain monitoring by an active monostatic radar. Examples of the spectral polarimetric approach in various fields.

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  • The mechanisms for the formation of zones of possible icing of aircraft during the flight are considered. The algorithm of radar detection of such zones, and the conditions for its use. Identification of the threat of icing during an aircraft flight.

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  • Radar Range Equation and Cross Section. Circular Polarization Components. Vector Effective Height. Mutual Coupling Between Antennas. Radiation Structures and Numerical Methods. Aperture Distributions and Array Synthesis. Dipoles, Slots and Loops.

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