Unregistered employment in Poland - with a particular emphasis on the problems of young people

Discussing of the problem of unregistered employment, its scale and characteristics in Poland. The scale of unregistered employment in Poland. Participation of students in a particular form of employment and assessment of employment forms attractiveness.

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  • Characteristic of the notion of travel and tourism economy. Analysis of the role of tourism in the socio-economic development of Poland. Quantification of travel and tourism economy. Study of tourism contribution to Gross Domestic Product and employment.

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  • The study of the problem of youth employment in the labor market of Ukraine. Substantiation of factors of influence on effective employment of youth, development of a factorial model of an estimation of employment on the basis of their classification.

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  • The content of the category employment. Identified the dominant factors influencing the development of the labour market and in Ukraine. Analysis of the main tendencies of employment in reions. The key problems that require structural changes in economy.

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  • The connection between the dynamic development of non-standard forms of employment in the European countries and the consequences of the transformation of the international labor market. Negative consequences of unregulated non-standard employment.

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  • Comparative analysis of non-standard forms of employment in the EU and Ukraine. Legal regulation of labor relations on the basis of differentiation. Non-standard types of employment, such as temporary management, casual work, ICT-based mobile work.

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  • A study of the situation in the labor market and the conditions of life of young people in the Republic of Karelia. Defining the role of rural tourism in addressing the problem of youth employment and improving the socio-economic situation in the region.

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  • Supply and demand of labor in the Odessa region. Determination of the number of new jobs based on the dynamics of changes in employment in the labor market. The following issues and recommendations for further research in the submitted direction.

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  • The feasibility of implementation of blockchain technology in Kazakhstan. The study in field of employment and career history verification potential candidate’s. Advantages of blockchain technology the in exposure of the truth of job applications.

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  • Aspects of minimum wage problems in the regional framework of Slovak Republic. Studying the relationship to employment using the variables such as minimum wage, living wage, unemployment allowances and the number of people claiming unemployment allowance.

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  • Description of one of the dominant types of exchange in the modern society - an exchange by labor resources, which name is labor migration. Analysis of the purpose of moving such as employment on more favorable conditions than in the country of stay.

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