Genetic-based approach to production planning with manufacturing cost minimization

Development of such a plan, which would take into account certain boundary conditions at the lowest possible cost of production. The use of genetic algorithms in the design of production plans under conditions of variable economic demand is presented.

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  • The task of the territorial organization of agricultural production - the adaptation of the territory and the production, the creation of a favorable spatial conditions. Selection of basic concepts of spatial organization of agricultural production.

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  • The essence of a business plan. The functions of the business plan and objectives of its development. Content of sections. The development of the business plan for confectionery production: resume, analysis of competitors, recommendation for improving.

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  • Covers economic aspects to be taken into account in the process of manufacturing systems design. Presented the problems of manufacturing system selection, capacity planning, system configuration. Analysis of their impact on financial effectiveness.

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  • Problems of application of smart technology to improve means of production. Investigation of intra-regional variations in use of smart technologies in the industrial subsector. New opportunities in innovation, and technology in management and production.

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  • Conceptualizing structural elements of the economic system belonging to production processes. Defining an entity of economic management mechanism is a complex of organizational structures. Research and analysis of economic features of the food market.

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  • A mechanism is offered for the determination of advantages for region concerning the production of certain types of agricultural products. The level of food security of the country, balancing the levels of economic and social development of rural areas.

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  • Determining the rate of production growth in assets based on a number of technical and economic indicators. Formation of assets and their relation with profitability parameters support the reproduction of resources. Patterns of investment decisions.

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  • Determination and analysis of specific of investments in the change of technological process on a production. Estimation of economic and investment effect from introduction of technological change on the example of the American production factory.

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  • Industry - production of a good or service. The consideration sectors of the world economy, classification them by certain categories. Methods of foresight and technology forecasting the most companies in the industry today. The study of economic trends.

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  • The single-layered network case. Global design and two-steps design. Single and multiple constraint generation. Multiplicative of the cost function for the links of the first layer. The cost of finding an optimal solution. Intermediate master program.

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