A new method to enhance workforce productivity: tasks optimisation and promotion of collaboration

Consideration of the current trend of research on the relationship between social ties and productivity. The impact of social interaction on staff self-esteem. The consequences of a rigid structuring of workflows. Analysis of tools for organizing tasks.

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  • Analysis of the employer's social responsibility in the field of personnel development, the definition of training needs in accordance with the company's strategy, the choice of programs, methods of training. Service-professional promotion of employees.

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  • The study of aspects related to the formation of social competence. Characteristic of a successful leader in the field of interaction substantiated and determined. The 360 degrees method involving a three-component assessment of the characteristics.

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  • Analysis of the economic category of "a social capital". Characteristic of peculiarities of the socio-economic factors of forming the social capital in current conditions. Study the ways of increasing the effectiveness of human resource management.

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  • Essentials for Traditional Gap Analysis. The main aspects of the planning of human capital. Characteristics of workforce planning model. Effective Methods and Tools for Career and Succession Planning. Techniques for Predicting Future Staff Requirements.

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  • Problem of intellectual management and the scenario method as one of the ways of assessing intellectual capital of a company. Fact of productivity of the scenario method and its relevance in intellectual management. Step-by-step scenario-making process.

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  • Organisation crisis: its kinds, phases and consequences. The factors influencing occurrence of crises. Bankruptcy of the organisation: its kinds, the purpose and consequences. Analysis of indicators of productivity, performance and return on assets.

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  • The analysis of the development of scientific thought in the field of management since its inception to the present time. Definition of core management principles and the impact of new social and economic factors due to the realities of the XXI century.

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  • Relationship assessment function with the provision of information and knowledge of social programs. Responsibility of the producers of these programs, different groups of users and intermediaries for the effective implementation of state social programs.

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  • Features improve the efficiency of public services, subject to the availability of large amounts of data using regulatory benchmarking. Analysis of productivity of different companies providing public services, on the example of several Czech companies.

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  • Employees of Latin America as the least protected layer in terms of working conditions, wage levels, social guarantees. An overview of companies that have a positive impact on CSR, on jobs. Elimination of the negative trends in labor legislation.

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