Different types of houses

Descriptions of the discovery of new materials, the advanced design techniques and improved construction methods have altered the traditional house plans. Analyze the special features of types of houses: Classic Cottage, Cape Cod, Colonial and Bungalow.

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  • Description essentially "passive house". The basic construction methods, advanced technology and materials used in the creation of a Passive House. The main advantages of the Passive House. Analysis of the construction of Passive House in Belarus.

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  • Floor of a building or roof as top design of the building. Flat roofs. Forms of attic roofs. Characteristics of a number of roofing materials used in construction. Types of roof bases, absorbing thermal and mechanical deformation of the base of the roof.

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  • Description of the buildings of the Muromtsevo estate, designed in the same style and intended for housing, recreation, for various gardening, handicraft, industrial and forestry works. Creation of design of new real estate buildings by Peter Boitsov.

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  • Bermed Earth-Sheltered Homes. Advantages & Disadvantages Earth-sheltered house Advantages and disadvantages of earthen houses. Topography and Microclimate. Basic methods for reducing radon buildup in both conventional and earth-sheltered dwellings.

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  • Modern buildings require building heating device with the latest radiators and wiring. Administrative and commercial buildings of the 20th century stood out the low number of storeys and classical heating scheme apartment houses of old construction.

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  • The history of construction Sydney Opera House. The vaulted roof shells designed by Utzon in collaboration with internationally renowned engineers Ove Arup & Partners. The difficulties in construction. The originality of architecture. The Drama Theatre.

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  • Architecture is the appearance of buildings and structures. Structural elements of buildings, the history of their origin, their importance in construction. Methods in construction: load-bearing wall, аrch, vault, dome, truss, framed structures.

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  • The most outstanding buildings of the Chinese People’s Republic for the last decade are observed. The contemporary projecting and construction techniques with the use of steel structures are analyzed for large-scale projects. Analyses of modem design.

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  • Passive house as a strict, voluntary standard of energy efficiency in the building, reducing its ecological footprint in nature. The basic building requirements of the Passivhaus standard. Features achieve a significant reduction in heat consumption.

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  • Sampoong department store collapse in Korea. Design and faults. The main reasons of collapse. Persons responsible. Actions taken. Recommendation. Ethical issues. Technical issues. Construction phase. Building maintenance phase. Crisis management issues.

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