A train passenger with pulmonary tuberculosis: evidence of limited transmission during travel

Studying the first diagnosed of smear- and culture-positive tuberculosis. Determining a tuberculin skin test. Limited transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from a potentially highly infectious passenger to other persons during extended travel.

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  • Primary and post-primary forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. Pathological, radiological features, lymphadenopathy of primary tuberculosis. Complications caused by nodal pressure and erosion into adjacent structures. Features of diagnostics of tuberculosis.

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  • Evidence of tubercle transmission during all modes of travel: by air, by land, and by sea. Analises the efficiency of transmission of a given disease vary greatly from one person to another or even vary within an individual from one day to the next.

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  • The definition and essence of the characteristics of pulmonary tuberculosis and its outcome after inpatient treatment depending on the genotype СУР2С19 patients. The signs of resorption and consolidation of the lung tissue and pulmonary destruction.

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  • A study of the results of epidemiological surveillance as of October 2012 on the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis, documented in the countries of Brazil, China, S. India and South Africa. Analysis of the main methods of combating the disease.

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  • Definition of Cavernous tuberculosis. Cavity which is formed in the area of a tuberculous lesion. Reversible morphologic changes in the form of a thin-walled cavity without marked infiltrative, focal and fibrotic changes in the adjacent lung tissue.

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  • Comparative study of fertility, spermatogenesis and indicators of prenatal development of offspring male rats when co-administered anti-TB drugs. Introduction preparations containing isoniazid, pyrazinamide, rifampicin and ethambutol or streptomycin.

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  • Распространенность микобактерий, вызывающих туберкулез, в окружающей среде. Факторы, способствующие развитию заболевания, и симптомы активной формы туберкулеза. Корреляционная зависимость заболеваемости туберкулезом с уровнем жизни и качеством питания.

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  • Туберкулез как широко распространенное в мире инфекционное заболевание человека и животных, вызываемое различными видами микобактерий Mycobacterium tuberculosis (палочка Коха). Причины и факторы развития туберкулеза, его клинические признаки и лечение.

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  • Первичное заражение туберкулезом посредством ингаляционного проникновения в дыхательные пути аэрозоля, в капельках которого находятся Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Участие Т-лимфоцитов в формировании иммунологических реакций в патогенезе туберкулеза.

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  • The correlation between occupations and possible diseases. Atmospheric pollution control. Sanitation: sources of communicable diseases. Sewage and sewage treatment. Factors involved in the transmission of the infectious entirety. Toxic food infections.

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