Cold War: Historical aspect

U.S. - Soviet relations in Cold War period. Causes and Interpretations. The Cold War Years Chronology. The Truman Doctrine. The Role of Cold War in American History and Diplomacy. Declaration of the Cold War. Cold War Issues. The main Cold War's events.

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  • International relations in the second half of XX century. The new alignment of forces in the world, the beginning of the arms race. The reasons and goals of the Cold War of the two superpowers of the USA and the USSR. Consequences of the Cold War.

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  • The description of the cold war, an ideological conflict between Communist and non-Communist countries, started after World War II when the Allies (United States, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union) disagreed over how to govern occupied Germany.

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  • The beginning of cold war, backgrounds. War after Stalin’s death. The peaceful intentions through the end of the war in Korea, the signing of the agreement with Austria, release of prisoners of war. Begin serious negotiations on disarmament, arms control.

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  • Analysis of the specific features of the position of the American Communist Party on feminism. The Bolshevik leader Alexandra Kollontai as a one of the powerful and consistent voice for the mainstream Soviet Marxist-Leninist approach to feminism.

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  • The analysis of historical interpretations of concepts of time and verity, which had further a key role in formation of the humanities. The Newtonian approach to history. The historical concepts of time and verity, developed by the Rococo writers.

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  • The history of the Soviet-British public relations in the Second World War. The high level of ideologisation and politization of the Soviet society under the totalitarian Stalinist rule, which caused the deformation of the development of public diplomacy.

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  • The American Revolution is one of the most significant events in American history. Characteristics of the main causes of the revolution. The Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party, their features. Create the first Committee of Correspondence Samuel Adams.

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  • The problematic role of historical memory in the formation of Russian national identity. The phenomenon of historical memory, its social kinds and discursive forms. Analysis of the students' evaluation of the key and controversial events of Soviet past.

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  • The Seven-Years' War as the first global military conflict. The underlying causes and the historical background of the conflict, its members. winners and losers, the main results of the Seven-Years War. American involvement in the war and its results.

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  • The age of the reign of the Tudor dynasty like one of the best period of English history. Characteristics of the main social relations and the lives of British people in the XVI-th century. Analysis of the relationships between peasants and nobles.

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