German Culture: Customs and Traditions

Famous Germany Customs and Traditions. Oktoberfest in Germany. Most people are familiar with the German festival Oktoberfest. The holiday of st. Martin. This holiday in Germany is celebrated every year on 11 November. Weddings Traditions. Sankt Nikolaus.

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  • New Year's Day. Washington's Birthday and Easter. Confederate Memorial Day. Independence Day and Labor Day. Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Public life, background, observance, symbols of holiday. Unique or historical celebrations.

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  • Cultural assimilation is an intense process of consistent integration whereby members of an ethno-cultural group are "absorbed" into an established generally community. The major holidays are: New Year’ Day, Women’s Day, Victory Day and Independence Day.

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  • The outlook study of the Nordic jewellery Hedebyu (Northern Germany) to compare them with jewellery period of Kyiv Russ at the same time (9-11 century). The question of irregional contacts between Scandinavia, Poland and Kyiv Russ in 9-11 century.

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  • Research of the origins and evolution of drama functions of a dance in the opera, influence of dance on the common concept of the work. Reference to early examples of the opera genre, to the works of composers from Italy, Germany and England referring.

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  • Royal ceremonies hold a powerful fascination. Occasions such as the State Opening of Parliament is some of the most colourful and exciting events. These official occasions are full of symbolism, and an integral part of The Queen's role as Head of State.

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  • Culture as a characteristic feature of a group of people, determined by many aspects. Features of Ukrainian culture. Influence of the era of Ukrainian Cossacks. The tradition of Easter eggs, making pysanka. Traditional Ukrainian dances and games.

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  • The study of natural character "clavierization" of piano playing in contrast to the theatricality of orchestral sheets with the academic tradition, provided that the aestheticism of symbolist traditions of piano art. Traditionalism of the 1920s - 1970s.

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  • Consideration of tool theater as one of the most unique and most widespread musical genres, famous German avant-gardist K. Stockhausen, widespread in creativity, in the second half of the XX century. Analysis of types of tool theater of Stockhausen.

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  • Consideration of a public institution in the UK dedicated to human history, art and culture. The study of the history of its foundation, development and additions of exposures. Characteristics of collections, bequeathed to the museum by famous people.

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  • The analysis of theatrical festival as an artistic spectacle-mass form, its classification. Study the International puppet festival in terms of its artistic expediency and efficiency in the upbringing of the younger generation of the Ukrainian state.

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