Greenpeace and its activities

Descriptions of non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over 42 countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam. Analyze Greenpeace activities such as global warming, deforestation, overfishing and nuclear power.

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  • Natural and anthropogenic causing of global warming. Increased greenhouse effect due to human activity. Analysis of changes in various systems because of reasons due to global warming. Assessing the impact of global warming in world development.

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  • The structure of the atmosphere and its levels. Sources of pollution of the Earth's air envelope and their negative impact on the overall environmental situation in the environment. The concept and justification of the effect of "global warming".

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  • Последствия экологических катастроф на реке Рейн и в Севезо. Масштабы крупнейшей в XX веке техногенной катастрофы на Чернобыльской АЭС. Возникновение и характеристика деятельности международной общественной природоохранной организации Greenpeace.

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  • История развития экологии как науки. Особенности формирования экологических движений в мире и в СССР, основные этапы их эволюции: популистский, альтернативистский и др. Характеристика мировых экологических организаций: Greenpeace, "Зеленое движение" и др.

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  • The approaches to the natural resources economic assessment as the starting point for arranging recreational activities within nature reserve fund territories. The complex assessment of commercial and environmental potential of recreation activities.

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  • The deforestation in Nigeria, as one of the causes of environmental problems in the country: desertification and erosion and loss of biological diversity. The causes for the lost of forest around the globe and to suggests ways of forest conservation.

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  • Features human impact of environmental regulation environment. Sanitary, environmental, scientific, technical standardization in the field of environment and natural resources. Object recognition valuation assessment of human impact on the environment.

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  • Deforestation - the process of converting the land occupied by forest land, except in tree cover, such as pastures, cities, and other wasteland. Assessment of the main environmental consequences of this process for the entire planet, his background.

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  • Analysis of information on the ecological environment of Mongolia in three areas. Environmental policy and program of action, the attention of the country's top leadership to environmental issues, stakeholder participation and development trends.

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  • Environmental management in foreign countries. Systematization of economic methods used in the field of environmental protection. The current environmental situation and its development trends. Improving the mechanisms of state environmental management.

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