Organizational culture

Surface organizational culture. Subsurface organizational culture. The company’s architecture and the organization of space. Some service places created especially for clients, the usage of the logotype, verbal and non-verbal behaviour of its workers.

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  • The study of aspects of the organizational culture of business management in the industrial district of Brazil. A technique for measurement of the elements of the organizational culture of the company. Proposals on the improvement plan strategists.

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  • Identifying factors of organizational culture that influence innovation of enterprises, as well as determine the strength of this effect. Determinants of organizational culture that influence innovation. Organization level personnel management practices.

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  • The main factors that affect the activities of the organization, the types of changes, and the main aspects of changes. The most important advantages and limitations of organizational changes specific to pharmacies. The types changes in the organization.

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  • The importance of corporate culture, its formation and implementation, also deals with the research made on a Slovak transport company. A new model for corporate culture. Corporate culture is affected by permanent confrontation with business priorities.

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  • A methodological aspects of documentation. Presenting the main components of documentary culture in the comparative analysis of the definition of "documentary culture" and "corporate culture". Proper management of corporative culture potential.

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  • The possibility of using the organizational development management as the basis for implementing innovations within the framework of proactive management at the enterprise is justified. Approaches to the organizational development management are analyzed.

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  • Organizational and economic trends enhancing enterprise readiness to implement changes such as the methods of readiness assessment, the elements of change management program and organization structure, the instruments of overcoming changes resistance.

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  • The organizational structure of enterprise management in modern conditions. The feasibility of using the different types of organizational structures of management at the enterprise to effectively support the implementation of the selected policy.

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  • Organizational structure of company - a set of relationships among the parts. Identify of the scope and tendency of Buddhist monks’ engagement in economic operations. The main principles of Buddhism in corporate values of modern Japanese companies.

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  • Theoretical justification of the applicability and moderating potential of the corporate culture of compliance. Specific features and importance of corporate culture in commercial banks. Formation of the corporate culture of compliance in Russia.

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