Frequency and characteristics of family cancer syndrome in ovarian cancer patients

Assessment of the results of clinical genealogical and molecular-genetic observation of patients with ovarian cancer. The rationale for its role as an important step for the creation of genetic risk groups for the development of neoplasia in the family.

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  • Factors determining risk of developing breast cancer, invade lymph or blood vessels-metastatic breast cancer. Invasive ductal carcinoma. Stucture of the Brea. Female breast anatomy. Development of the breast ductal tree. Occurs mainly after birth.

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  • Genetic, cellular, tissue and circulating markers in Tumors. Diseased regulatory pathways. Growth Factor-Signaling Pathways in Cancer. Antitumor immunity as therapy for human cancer. Invasion and Metastasis. Emerging molecular therapies for the disease.

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  • The frequency of infectious complications after operations of patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) as an indicator of the quality and safety of surgical care. Dependence between complications and long-term results of radical surgical treatment of CRC.

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  • Research and characterization of etiology lung cancer, which takes the first place in the structure of oncological diseases. Familiarization with classification of the patients with central lung cancer. Studying central lung cancer of the upper lobe.

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  • The essence of stomach cancer, features, stages of development. Risk factors and a number of mutogens that cause cancer of the stomach. Symptoms of stomach cancer, features of diagnosis and ways of surgical and therapeutic treatment of its various forms.

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  • The clinical significance of the expression of iron-containing proteins ferritin and transferrin in tumor cells of patients with breast cancer. Evaluation of the correlation dependences of the parameters of expression of these proteins in tumor cells.

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  • Anatomy Review stomach. Determination concepts stomach cancer. Rassmotrenye aetiology and pathogenesis of the given disease. Clinical signs of cancer as a result of local disease, complications ego Or ee metastazov. Endoscopic features of gastric cancer.

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  • Principles of cancer staging. The cancer registry and the collaborative stage data collection system. Mucosal melanoma of the head and neck. Node positive threshold for defining nodal micrometastases. Prostatic stromal invasion from bladder cancer.

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  • Investigation of proinflammatory cytokines in the bone marrow and blood cancer patients. Correlation tumor necrosis factor alpha and the occurrence of disease relapse in patients. Prediction of metastasis and make adjustments in the tactics of therapy.

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  • Diagnostic and clinical parameters of the symptoms of the cancer disease of the small intestine. Complications that can be caused, as a result of a cancerous tumor. Comorbidities that occur suddenly and in need of treatment by surgical intervention.

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