Secure key establishment

Computer security approach. Message authentication codes. Bilinear maps from elliptic curve pairings. Cryptographic hash functions. Method of session key generation. Secure authenticated encryption schemes. An efficient protocol in extended model.

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  • Basics of Contemporary Cryptography. Codes for Error Detection. Advances in Coding Theory and Cryptography. Encryption Basics. Authentication Codes in the Query Model. Collision in the DSA Function. Fuzzy Identity-based Encryption: Efficient Schemes.

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  • Database and logic abduction method. Classical Logic Programming approach. Soundness and completeness DLA method. Various aspects of analysis of security protocols. Needham-Schroeder protocol. Optimized Otway-Rees protocol. Internet Key Exchange Protocol.

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  • Criteria for desirable cryptographic systems and protocols. Security properties for authenticated key establishment. Standard notation of mathematical foundations. Classical ciphers: usefulness and security. The optimal asymmetric encryption padding.

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  • The Needham-Schroeder public-key authentication protocol. An attack on the protocol and the consequences of this attack. Proving that the revised protocol is safe against all attacks which not dependent upon properties of the encryption method used.

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  • Standards and the Standardization Process: International, National and Industrial organizations. Cryptographic evaluation bodies. Security Mechanisms and Services. Encryption and Modes of Operation for Block Ciphers. Cryptographic Hash Functions.

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  • The Random Oracle Model and the Ideal Cipher Model Are Equivalent. Programmable Hash Functions and Their Applications. Adaptive One-Way Functions and Applications. Bits Security of the Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman Secret Keys. Cryptanalysis of MinRank.

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  • Introduction to cryptography and data security. The study of random numbers and an unbreakable stream cipher. The data encryption standard and alternatives. Practical aspects of public-key cryptography. Principles of message authentication codes.

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  • Study of issues of maximizing small root bounds by linearization and applications of subjects of small secret exponents in RSA. Secure network coding over the integers, and the CCA proxy re-encryption without bilinear maps in the standard model.

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  • Signature schemes and anonymous credentials from bilinear maps. Asymptotically optimal communication for torus-based cryptography. Paradigm of hybrid encryption scheme. Pseudo-signatures, broadcast, and multi-party computation from correlated randomness.

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  • Tools for Security and Insecurity. Unbiasing a Biased Coin. Combining Weak Sources of Entropy. Pseudorandom Number Generators. Random Permutation Generation. Sound Approach to Random Number Generation and Use. Computationally Secure Information Stealing.

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