What do people do on Halloween. Public life and background. The commercialization of Halloween. Symbols and range of objects associated with Halloween treats. Candy apples, caramel or taffy apples are common Halloween. History and haunted attraction.

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  • The life and career of the director George Danelia. Directorial course George Danelia graduated, course work - a short film "Vasily Lokhankin", a diploma - the film "The same people." Major works and awards and personal life of the director.

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  • Christmas Day in United Kingdom, in United States, in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand. How do the British celebrate Christmas. Program of Christmas carols in Trafalgar Square. Background and symbols. The Christmas Stocking and Santa Claus.

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  • The division of the composition of a picture by two complementary plan, technique imposing strokes, characteristic of the work of artist. Range of colors, which has become one of the hallmarks of Van Gogh ’s life. The sale and whereabouts of the painting.

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  • The History of The Coventry Music Museum – The Dawning Of A New Era. The museum as the life-long vision of Coventry Music Historian and Journalist Pete Chambers and his wife Julie. "Band/Artist Of The month" who is showcasing current Coventry artists.

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  • The analyzing of the life and creative path of the Ukrainian documental film director O. Shopin. The studying of not popular pages of history of Ukrainian cinema and its figures, which for one reason or another remained out of eyeshot of home art critics.

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  • An analysis of the life and creative path of the Ukrainian director of documentary films O.M. Shopin. Study of little-known pages of the history of Ukrainian cinema and its figures, which were left out of the attention of various domestic art critic.

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  • The philosophical limbo about the energies that go into expressions and the strange laws they fold in as they use public language to compose new landscapes, focus on those aspects of cultural practices which allow to trace the range of modal colorings.

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  • Interpretations of notions "health", "healthy way of life", "culture of health", their research. The healthy way of life as a cultural tradition of society, which is widely spread in many countries of the West and the East, their cultivation in Ukraine.

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  • Some of the most essential experiences by D. Paul Schafer in his quest to live a cultural life. Scientists research of the thoughts and insights of some key cultural scholars. Understanding and ability to live a full and captivating cultural life.

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  • Cezanne's artistic heritage of more than 800 oil paintings, watercolors and the other works. Some works of Cezanne: "Big Pine", "Mount Sainte-Victoire", "Aqueduct", "Self-portrait on a pink background", "Still Life with a Skull", "The pyramid of skulls".

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