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Bialowieza forest is a large primeval lowland forest. The state national Park, which is located in the Republic of Belarus, is a single natural complex of the Bialowieza National Park in Poland. Ecological-economic and scientific-research institution.

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  • Geographical location of the Ireland. The consideration of climate in the country. The main religion in the Ireland. Pursuits of English colonization. Lessons of dances are in beerhouses, on large kitchens. Appearance and character of the Irish people.

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  • The geographical location and natural resources of Canada. Characteristic of the economy and the country's population. Political parties and the dominant religion. Maple leaf as a symbol of North America. The standard of living in the capital Ottawa.

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  • A brief history of the city. Industrial potential of the city is presented with more than one thousand of large, mid, and small scale companies within manufacturing activities. Transport in the city, his cultural life, education and science, universities.

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  • Great Wall of China. Chichen Itza is the landmark of the great Maya. Construction of Taj Mahal. Colosseum is one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites. The most photographed monument in the world. Christ the Redeemer. Petra (Ma’an Governorate, Republic of Jordan).

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  • Formation of a series of Acts of Union, which united distinct nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland under a single government in London. The geographical location of the UK, the main water resources. The primary language spoken is English.

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  • Geographical location, demographic composition of the population, climate and terrain characteristics of the Republic of Moldova. The proclamation of Moldova's independence in 1991. The development of industry, tourism and the largest cities of Moldova.

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  • Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are English speaking countries in the world. The natural geographical features, population, nationalities of the highly developed states. The main industries, financial and cultural institutions.

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  • "The Kazakh Nation" Monument is the Astana’s summit". Symbols of Astana. The Monument “Friendship” of Kazakhstan nations. Shine "The Star of Astana". Museum of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ak Orda, Parlament Senat and Bayterek.

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  • Australia is the smallest and driest inhabited continent in the world. Geographical position and climate. History of opening of Australia aborigines and Europeans. A coral reef is a natural barrier. The Peoples of Australia. Occurrence of Sydney.

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  • Beijing - the capital and one of the cities under the Central Government of the People's Republic of China. The largest foreign diaspora in the country. The political, educational and cultural centers of China. Features of the transport network.

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