Color chronotope in the novel "The romantics" by K. Paustovsky

The study of spatial and temporal categories in the novel Paustovsky. Organic ratio of time and space. Consideration of space-time relations through the prism of color. The term "color chronotope" was justified and introduced into scientific circulation.

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  • The article explores the spatial and temporal world-image dimensions in Irish epic (mythological, heroic and wonder tale) traditions. Binary and threefold world concepts and the problem of inheriting mythological space and time concepts are analyzed.

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  • Analyzing of the semantics of space in the novel "Crome Yellow" by A. Huxley. The determination of the functionality of spatial markers as components of the author’s conception of the artistic reality. The semantic meaning of the protagonist’s surname.

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  • The opposition images that are revealed through the usage of symbols that include weather depiction, color representation. The depict the image of purity, innocence and love, of darkness and night, sad, unhappy feelings in story of Ann Beattie’s "Snow".

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  • The literary questions of the American novella of the 20th century, the antinomy of artistic images in the novella by J. Steinbeck "Breakfast". The dualistic nature of the story in the relief images of light and shadow, heat/cold, the poetics of color.

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  • Изучение особенностей вербализации и смыслового наполнения концепта "spots of time" в поэтической картине мира Уильяма Вордсворта на примере его стихотворений: "Daffodils", "Resolution and Independenc", а также автобиографической поэмы "The Prelude".

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  • The study of the biography of the English author fiction novels, comic works - Pratchett. Consideration of British science fiction awards. Assessment of conditions for the development of writing skills. The study of the signs of the style of the author.

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  • Exploring an explanation of a theory that reveals the concept of postmodernism. The essence of realism and romanticism, their transformation in the process of creating postmodernism. A combination of romantic and realistic styles that change over time.

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  • Familiarization with the biography and works (novel "Curtain") of Agatha Christie, which was one of the most creative writers of the 20th-century, had become a prolific writer of murder, mystery and suspense, and also best-selling novelist of all time.

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  • The analyzing of the milestones of Ukrainian literature history: the emergence of "new" Ukrainian literature and I. Kotlyarevsky’s works, specificity of Ukrainian romanticism and T. Shevchenko’s heritage, the current state of Ukrainian cultural space.

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  • The style of humanitarian sciences, of "exact" sciences and of popular scientific prose. Language peculiarities of English newspaper style. The most striking difference between the spoken and written language. Alliteration as a phonetic stylistic device.

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