The Differences between American and British English

Written forms of American and British English. Historical background of the English language. Formal and notional agreement. Differences in pronunciation. Miscellaneous grammatical and morphological differences. The Philadelphia dialect vs. Cockney.

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  • Functions and components of the intonation. Speech melody or the pitch. The features of English speech rhythm and sentence stress. The Intonation Group. Differences with the Russian. The notion of "tone”. Static and kinetic tones. The intonation group.

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  • Analysis of the procedural nature of the action as an characteristic of the functioning of English and Russian as a foreign language. Substantiation of the development of the communicative competence of listeners through the assimilation of grammar.

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  • History of development and feature of English language at different stages - from the Celtic times to language of the Middle Ages and modern English. Riches of literary and folklore language of Englishmen, features of English proverbs and tongue twisters.

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  • A variety of language that is a characteristic of a certain group of native speakers. Differences in vocabulary, slang, patois, pidgin. Studying the differences in the style of speech of people who speak the same language, but live in different regions.

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  • The overview of the history of the development of English language. The historical survey above shows the ways in which English vocabulary developed and of the major events through which it acquired its vast modern resources (elements of borrowings).

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  • Changing the vocabulary of the English language throughout history, the emergence of new words and lexical forms. Latin and Greek roots as an important source for the formation of English words. The reasons for borrowing words from foreign languages.

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  • The use of electronic translation resources in translation. General characteristics of the English definite and indefinite articles. Translation and differences in a language concept. Translation equivalents of the definite article in specific reference.

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  • Studying the views of researchers on the national-cultural specifics of the English language in New Zealand in a different period of its formation. Dialects and accents of native speakers of English from most of England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia.

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  • The passive voice voice as the grammatical category of the verb. Semantic and lexical differences. Outline of the active and the passive voice in english. The formation of the passive voice. Misuse of the term style advice. Different kinds of passives.

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  • Consideration of grammatical means of the English-language abstract of the scientific article. An analysis of the structure of phrases, types of verbal forms, characteristic of this genre. Facilitating the search for adequate means of translation.

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