Effects of gingival retraction materials on gingival blood flow

Analysis of the effects of 2 chemical retraction agents on gingival blood flow and systemic blood pressure in subjects with healthy gingival were investigated. investigation and assessment of the impact on blood flow gingival retraction gingival.

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  • Вивчення ефективності застосування локального наногелю "NBF Gingival Gel" на етапі первинного пародонтологічного лікування пацієнтів із хронічним катаральним гінгівітом і генералізованим пародонтитом на основі клінічних і біохімічних методів дослідження.

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  • The main problems of blood flow through a narrow catheterized artery with an axially nonsymmetrical stenosis. The effects of hematocrit and the stenosis shape on increased impedance and other flow characteristics during the artery catheterization.

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  • Hemodynamics as the movement of blood through the vessels that occurs due to difference hydrostatic pressure in various parts of the circulatory system. Results of real-patient graph calculations. Circulatory system and its separation into two parts.

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  • The increase in blood pressure - an important risk factor for coronary, cerebral and renal vascular disease. Determination of the effect of increased physical activity and aerobic training on body composition and blood pressure in postmenopausal women.

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  • The cardiovascular system of the human. Pathway of the blood. Size, shape, location of the heart. Systemic and pulmonary circulation. Conducting system of heart. Factors affecting mean arterial pressure. Reflexes of the baroreceptor and chemoreceptor.

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  • The role of the microcirculation in cardiovascular system. Component parts of the cardiovascular module. Transcapillary exchange is the primary function of blood. Factors contributing to the movement of blood through the veins. Types of blood circulation.

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  • Тhe raw material's 1 for the energy that powers man's every thought and action are transported in the blood. Also blood coming into the capillaries from the arteries has been enriched with oxygen in the lungs or with food from the digestive system.

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  • Age-related changes in blood pressure, in heart rate. The influence of school stress on the cardiovascular system students. Blood pressure in students in a state of relative calm. The change of parameters of the cardiovascular system in children.

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  • Rating by Susana Gomez umbilical cord blood among other sources of hematopoietic stem cells, the experience of its clinical application and comparative characteristics of bone marrow and peripheral blood. Attitude Susani to private cord blood banks.

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  • Blood transfusion is the process of receiving blood products into one's circulation intravenously. Pre-transfusion procedures. A bag containing one unit of fresh frozen plasma. Compatibility testing. Neonatal transfusion. Massive transfusion protocol.

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