Epidemioloical features of the psoriasis in patients of the Kharkiv region

Analysis of the main trends in the incidence of psoriasis in the Kharkiv region, the social significance of the disease and ekonomicheskyuaya. Determining ways to improve health and social care to patients. Prevention psoriaticheskyaoy erythroderma.

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  • The state of medical care for patients with epilepsy in Ukraine. The gender and economic aspects of diagnosis and therapy of the disease. The social side of this medical problem. Statistic data about the incidence of epilepsy in the developing countries.

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  • Characteristics of the causes of severe autoimmune disease. Features of the influence of the balance of the intestinal microflora on the skin. Consideration of ways to restore intestinal microflora. Acquaintance with medical nutrition in psoriasis.

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  • Symptoms of neurological disorders. Social support for patients. Therapies used in neurology. Prophylaxis of nervous system diseases. Care of patients with paralysis, paresis; who are comatose. Features of the nurses working in the neurology department.

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  • The program of care for drug-addicted patients, their social and psychological portrait. Elements of medical care. Forms of social rehabilitation and employment assistance. Applying the principles of aftercare in the field of institutional education.

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  • Health care models need to adopt new paradigms for the care of all patients with HIV infection. The debate to how the medical system can ensure that HIV-infected patients are guaranteed access to providers experienced in the management of HIV infection.

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  • Study of the opinion of geriatric patients about the received health care in the hospital, the conditions for improving the quality of nursing care in hospital departments. Evaluation of the activities of nursing staff of hospitals in the city of Plovdiv.

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  • Identification of the main causes of acne vulgaris is one of the most common skin diseases. The analysis of humoral immune system in patients with acne vulgaris from the iodine deficiency region detected. Characteristic of prospects for further research.

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  • Analysis of the clinical features of autonomic dysfunction and state of compensatory adaptive mechanisms in patients with purulent meningitis in the dynamics of the disease. Characteristic features of the predominance of cerebral meningeal symptom.

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  • Investigation of hemodynamic features in patients with migraine. Evaluation of the linear velocity of blood flow in the middle cerebral, vertebral and basilar arteries. Treatment of the disease in order to prevent migraine-associated complications.

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  • Анамнез жизни и заболевания пациента. Проведение обследования кожных покровов и систем организма больного. Лабораторные исследования крови и мочи. Обоснование дифференциального диагноза "psoriasis vulgaris" и назначение лечения для профилактики рецидивов.

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