The invention of the ethnic culture semantics: formulation of the problem

The article is devoted to the transformations of the semantics of ethnic culture, initiated by actors of social space. Evaluation of cognitive, entertainment, ideological functions. One of the typical ways of such cultural "inventions" is described.

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  • The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences is comprehensive reference work that represents the methodological and theoretical diversity of this changing field. At the core of the encyclopedia are concise entries, from Acquisition to X-bar Theory.

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  • The study of the concepts of "mental block", "ideological timelessness", as the era of intensive search for a "new paradigm" in the ideological situation. Definition of worldview as actual "diagnosis of our time" on Mannheim, his use in scientific texts.

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  • The correlation of the cognitive picture of the world with the linguistic one and their connection. The secondary nature of the linguistic picture of the world in relation to cognitive. The approach to the study of specific situations in the art world.

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  • The notion of alternative conceptual frameworks as a commonplace of our culture since Hegel. Hegel's historicism as a sense of how there might be genuine novelty in the development of thought and of society. Quinean arguments against analyticity.

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  • Доказательство теории, что интенция публичности, столь распространенная и характерная для Screen-Culture, и есть репрезентация "инстинкта смерти". Неустранимая экзистенциальность конкретно-личного бытия. Экспликация дихотомии "влечение к жизни и смерти".

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  • Structuralism is a theoretical paradigm positing that elements of human culture must be understood in terms of their relationship to a larger, overarching system. It works to uncover the structures that underlie all the things that humans do and think.

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  • Pluralistic and individualistic societies, who deconstructed parts of their own culture to be filled by "imported" believes and habits from Outside, especially from the East. The study of exceptional states of consciousness led from Wilhelm Wundt’s.

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  • Principles of systematization of categories of philosophy. Categories of philosophy as the general forms of being and the cognitive-worldview of man to the world. Аpproaches and stages of building a system of philosophical interpretation of categories.

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